Blood Will Flow, Pt. 7

marius-burn-it-downI heard that sound and I jumped behind Va’lis to catch him by his neck, I pulled him to me dropping him down to the ground covering him completely with my own weight. Cherry took a split second to turn her rage in the right direction, at Kirk. She flew through the air and using the butt of her gun struck him clear across his face knocking him flat on the floor. He almost immediately sprung back to feet only to be met with Cherry’s full hellfire vamp mode; fangs and claws out. “Oh you came to play,” Kirk taunted her. She was a fierce killer when she turns up. She stood up straight and threw her guns down, putting up her fists. She made a beckoning hand gesture,”Come get some.” Kirk chuckled and threw down his own guns. What ensued was one hell of a fist fight.

I managed to pull Va’lis up from the ground, remaining horizontal and moved with him back towards the back hall where I saw no one stood guard. I ripped into my wrist letting my blood flow into Va’lis lips. He shook awake now feeling the full pain of the shot that burned in his torso. He let out a muffled cry, “Fuck that hurts!” He winced, biting his lower lip. “Stay still, drink.” I whispered to him offering my wrist again. He took it and drank deep. As he did I ripped through the leather jerkin he wore trying to find the wound. He wasn’t going to like what I did next. Ripping a piece of the leather I stuffed it in his mouth taking back my wrist,”Bite down, trust me,” I said. He did so. I used my short dagger retrieved from my inner boot strap and cut into his stomach; I need to get that bullet out. Va’lis was in agony. I felt almost all his pain, like we were bonded but we’re not. I stuck my fingers in and dug that bullet out. I then ripped into my other wrist dripping my blood into the wound directly. The burning of the healing is so intense. I gripped his hand tight looking into his eyes as he kept biting that torn leather.  “Sssshhhh, it will pass son. Hang on!” I tried to soothe him.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 6

Merida4~~~*** As Merida ***~~~

I heard Maharet voice, I was relieved. I got up at her command and fell into the arms of a man I’ve never met, but somehow knew…Khayman. I was safe now. But my worry for Carrie was there still, as was for Astoria, was she still alive? Was Armand going to her? My world dimmed as I felt Khayman lift me with flight gift and got me out of there. Maharet on his tail. Maharet fed me her blood and I felt my wounds being cleaned and tended to. I felt the love of something I’ve never felt before, parents? I was comforted and felt myself get stronger, my body anyway. I heard the gunshots and cries of those dying. I wept. I couldnt stop the tears and shaking.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 5

valis-shotAs we made our way through the water, Marius kept pulling me back by shoulder and checking my speed. Did he not understand my desire to get Carrie out of the hell hole she was held in? Did he not sense my anger at those who dared took what was mine? A side glance back into his face showed me that he did indeed know how I felt.

That was why he was doing as he was.

Cherry however, took the lead for a short while. Blazing hair the only thing keeping her in my vision, she blended so well into the darkness it was hard even for me to keep track. She held up a hand and Marius halted me fully as she went around a corner, we heard a shot..and then another followed by a short scream and then a thump. Marius nodded and we continued past the now fallen mortal guard, his partner several feet beyond. Both downed with a shot to the chest.

It carried on like that for several slow, long moments. Cherry or Marius would drift forward, several shots would ring out and then we would advance once more. All the while I would try pushing past, I hated the slow pace of our advance and just wanted Carrie back in my arms safe and sound.

This place was dark, not in the sense of vision or brightness. No it was fairly well lit the farther we got, it was just a feeling that was settled over the halls. I had not felt something like that for several years, not since before I myself had met Pandora. My own guns were ready though, my fingers gripping it perfectly as Cherry had taught me. What was this feeling now? Was I worried? Anxious?

I was, and I knew it.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 4

epic-sword-battleBlood, chaos, war, what beauty in it all. I watched as the beautiful Danielle Draco fell from the tower into the courtyard and gracefully to her feet. Immidiately I sent Louis and Armand inside to fetch Astoria. I knew they needed me to distract the bastards down here. I quickly flipped out a heavey compact axe I newly aquired and set my sites on Danielle. She was the strongest, and quickest of the lot here. We fought in the most barbaric ways, axe against knives, fists to fists. Her blows hurt but thanks to the blood of Akasha, I indured.

I swiped my axe and landed a blow across her belly, her scream rang through the courtyard. Amroth had appeared from inside carrying the body of one of Armands maids. And soon came to my aid. Together we backed the girl into a tight corner where she could not escape. Two halfbreeds came at me to defend Danielle..with two strokes I decapitated their heads from their shoulders in a bloody mess. As I flicked their blood off my axe I continued at Danielle. Blow for blow once more we were evenly matched.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 3

Entrance to the Tower of LondonLestat, Louis, and Armand bust through the front gates after taking out the outside guards. Maharet and Khayman had gone off to do rescue Merida. Armand was confident that Maharet would return his wife to him. As they come up to the courtyard they shoot down the guards now flooding the it; Draconian forces.  A combination of mortals and half-breeds, easily dispatched.  The vampires that would follow would not be so easy.

Just then they heard screams coming from the skies and see Danielle Draco falling to the ground; she straightens herself just in time to land on her feet with a loud thud. Lestat goes in for her and they face off… The Bratty Princess of the Draconians vs. the Brat Prince of the Romanus’; this should be interesting.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 2

maharet-wildMarius and Cherry had finally gotten Armand back in line, but he was mighty pissed off and most especially pissed off with Marius… I’ve had about enough of this little quarrel. I squared off with Armand and set him straight. He was not going to jeopardize this mission. He was either going to fall in line or I would have Mekare keep him locked up with earth chains.

As we approached the front door, Marius had a brief chat with Lestat. Marius would be going with his other son, Va’lis and his granddaughter Cherry to retrieve the newborn. Futile and stupid if you asked me. “Make sure you keep him safe, Lestat. Get in there, get Astoria, and then leave our soldiers to the fight,” Marius instructed Lestat who walked with us now; Louis at his side. Lestat nodded and understood. There was a love between the two that transcends supernatural bonds, for they have none of those. Louis chimed in, “He’s in a dark place right now.” “Yes, and I won’t let him get lost to it I promise,” Lestat agreed.

When we got to the front doors we separated, killing off the guards quite easily. Some of them were mortals, others half-breeds. Khayman and I took to the sky. Armand and Lestat busted through the front doors and Marius, Cherry, and Va’lis took to the sewers. 

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 1

glockI hurried to the back of the gun cellar and opened up the cabinets to start loading up a duffle bag full of my favorites; Va’lis followed me.  I knew that in order for us to survive this, Va’lis would need to be armed. If we were to successfully retrieve our daughters, that is. So I took out two Glock 27s, loaded magazines into them with our armor-piercers, handed them to him. I put a holster around him as he played with the guns, of course I knew to keep the safety on.  I took the guns and gave him a look before putting them into his holster.  This was no ordinary holster either, it came fully equipped with four magazine holders in the back, so I loaded all four slots for him.  “Va’lis these are not toys,” I told him.  He looked at me, “But they are so pretty.” “You’ll get your chance to use them, but not before you listen carefully,” I said.  “We have twenty minutes if that for you to learn what’s taken me centuries to perfect,” I told him. His face got serious and he looked like he was ready for business.  My husband may be aloof but he’s a killer, make no mistake, and when it’s time to be serious he’s got razor-like focus.  I knew that.  I could sense the rage in him growing, his eyes showed it.  I knew that walking him through all the nuances of shooting guns would certainly calm him a bit.  At least a bit.

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