Ruby Spy


Full Name: Ruby Lynne Spy
Birth Name: Rubika Liane Spyergenanbaum
Origin:  Germanic
Birthday:  October 6th, 870 AD
Hair Color:  Fire Red
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 117 lbs.
Markings: None.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Amroth de Plinius, Childe of Marius de Romanus
Mate: Connor Roden (4 children), deceased
Guild Rank: Citizen
Order House: House Romanus
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 1,145
Apparent Age: 28
Masquerade Use: 60%

{Work in Progress}

While Fed:  Eyes are a bright green, skin is a rose gold color and hair is bright red.
While Hungry: yes grow a dark green color, skin gets pale and hair becomes a dusty red.


{Work in Progress}

Side Note:  All four of Ruby’s children were turned into vampires.  Cherry was sire to three of them,  Emerald was sire to one.  All four are still alive and two of them gave birth to several of their own children before being turned.

{Work in Progress}