Destiny of Souls


Everyone within our hidden world knows that Marius and Pandora are adoptive parents to Brelynn and her late sister, Saralyn, and that they are half-breeds.  Their father, Obidiah Kensington, was dying; a natural death of old age.  He had lived a long life and knew he was weeks from meeting his Savior. But his girls would be left to fend for their own. Afflicted by some rare disorder, their aging had been severely hindered.  Even though they had lived for the better part of 70 years, they both looked to be just about 14.  How would they survive?  Obidiah worried about this every single day for he loved his girls so.  He had never remarried and had never had any more children, a fact he regrets but no one wanted to marry the man with the “forever children”.  He had been an outcast most of his life because of it — they thought his seed to be faulty or his blood to carry the disorder that befell the twins.  But he pressed on, using his trade skills to make a fine living and keeping his girls as well adjusted as he possibly could.

A few years into their existence, Obidiah went out for lumber to stock up for the cold winter approaching.  At that time he saw a woman in the woods, a woman that resembled his dear departed wife Karalynn, who’s family had been the Walsinghamns or Northern England.  He did a double take for surely this young-looking woods-woman was not his dead wife.  Oh, but it was just not as he had remembered her. Obidiah learned that evening exactly what had happened that eve’, the eve’ of the twin’s birth, and he learned that this woman who now went by the name of Salome was indeed his dearly departed wife she was just a vampire now.  He still loved her, very much, and as she told him that she had been watching over them for decades silently he knew she still loved them too.  But she was now enslaved to a world she did not ask for and Obidiah felt so guilty to have left his pregnant wife alone during the times of war, but he had had little choice as he was drafted.

Salome told him of a portal to another world, where he could take the girls… she told him to seek out the Romanus family. She told him that the girls were half-breeds, that it wasn’t some disorder — they were special — “mortal vampires” she called them.  She also told him about her sire, who thought the girls were destroyed and she had buried that secret so deep inside her that he never found out, not even in an embrace.  That’s how strong her love for her mortal family has been all these long, hard decades. She also knew if he gave them over to the Romanus family, she would never see her girls again.  It just wouldn’t be safe.

Now, a decade later Saralyn has been killed and Brelynn is heartbroken twice over.  Va’lis has cut a deep wound in her already broken heart.  She had taken the death of her beloved twin sister so hard and to have seen her adopted father so desperate to find Pandora and so utterly sad about Sara had been another heart break for her.  She longed for peace.  She longed for history.  She longed for her bloodline.  So she left Sosaria and went to London and started her search.


To find Brelynn, rescue Salome and any others that this rogue vampire has under his foothold and destroy the evil fiend!


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