Strangers in the Dawn


Pandora taken?!  Yes!

A band of ancient vampires with half-breed slaves ransacked the Palisades Compound in Paris, France while she was visiting with her daughters and Armand, her sire-brother. The stormed the compound looking for “Those That Must Be Kept”.  Pandora quickly took her daughters underground and gave Armand clear instructions to get them out; back to Sosaria with their father Marius. Armand wished to stay with her and fight but for Pandora it was direly important that her daughters be safe.  She quickly wrote a note for her beloved husband, kissed her daughters goodbye and rose up to the ground floor to encounter her fate through the cries and beckons of both Saralyn and Brelynn.  Her eyes were fixated on Armand, “Save them ‘mand!”

Armand did as he was told, taking the girls and fleeing the compound to find the other portal hidden in the deep north. He trusted that Pandora, one of the most powerful ancients he had known would clear out the compound and return to Sosaria to plan her revenge.  But, Saralyn escaped!  Escaped the safety of Armand’s care and left her sister Brelynn behind.  “No, Bre… you must get to Father! You cannot come with me. Father needs you!”  And with those parting words to her sister, she left into the night.  She went to search for her mother… but it would be the last time we would ever see her.


Get Pandora back and avenge the death of her daughter!


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