What the heart wants…


My time at the orphanage has been short, but feels like an eternity. I’ve made new friends, Rowan, Britney, Frisco and Zachary. The director, Miss Merida has been an angel to me. I tend to shy away from men, I still don’t trust them much. Funny…given my best friend is Ariok Razele. We almost dated, but it felt awkward, and I can always trust him to give me a helping hand when I need it. Or if I’m too stubborn to ask.

I managed to hide away enough coin to get me a small fishing boat, late at night when everyone was asleep I would go to a dock and sail off into the open waters. I loved fishing, it was a big part of me that I can never forget. The water calmed me and my raging thoughts. One night I slipped away to Britain’s docks and began to climb aboard, three grown men approached me, “ello poppet…’ow bout ye and me mates ‘Ave ah bit o’ fun…?” I was petrified. I froze in place and could do nothing. I didn’t know how to fight, I had no magic to help me. I panicked! it was then I heard a soft soothing voice. “If I were you, I’d leave the girl alone….or else things might get messy….” it was a boy, my age at least. His hair was dark but his eyes, oh his eyes were brilliant blue. He stood as tall as a man, 6’3″ at least. His body was built, I could tell that through his school shirt. He was a Britain student. He came close to me and faced the men, suddenly their eyes were filled with terror and they booked it. He then turned to me with a smile, I felt my knees shake.

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