A New Task


Today was a tough day. Having to tell my surviving daughter, Brelynn that her sister was killed was not easy. Oh how I wish my Pandora was here to properly console her, I feel unequipped. It was a devastating blow. From the note left with …. well… *tries to hold back tears* … its clear that they want to have possession of Those Who Must Be Kept, but for what purpose. Caring for them has been our family’s dynasty; our most vigilant charge.  The word “return” was thrown out there.  Could it be that these bastards that hold my beloved and killed my daughter are the ancients that kept them before me? Perhaps.

Mystic was summoned and immediately came to his master’s aid. Though a rebel, he has proved himself worthy and is loyal to his fold. We questioned him about what he could possibly know about others like him, half-breeds. Specially half-breeds that are on Earth. Although we’ve sent Mystic to earth, to head up our efforts in the Pallisades Compound in Paris, more specifically our theatre, he’s not from there. He’s from here, Sosaria. When we told him of the enslavements that had been witnesses, he knew little of any other “coven-like” groups of half-breeds. “That would be quite interesting,” he said.

I would imagine that for the most part, there aren’t vampires out there willingly creating half-breeds. Most of the occurrences of such have been off-the-cuff one time events. Most vampires do not know this to be the occurrence of feeding on a mortal woman with child. At least I hope not. But if such a group exists and they are here in Sosaria, one can only deduce that this world might be where my beloved Pandora is imprisoned, rather than Earth. We must search the lands and speak to local folk to see if anything comes up in regard to other half-breeds.

Its obvious that we cannot send any vampires or weres to search for this information. It should be one that they would recognize as one of their kind. Mystic knows these lands and would be travel far and wide to hunt what he seeks. I have put him on the case.

On another note, I have asked him to take Brelyn with him on this trip. She would be safest with him at her side. Of course this comes with a price. Mystic does seek a guardianship, which means a seat on the council. He would be the first half-breed to ever seat. We do not even have Lycans on the council. And of course, he asked that we look after his own beloved, the very colorful Callista. This would go without saying, as she is much loved by my own Pandora. He has been loyal enough through the many moons, thus I see no real problem with his requests.  I accepted his demands.

They set out for Destard and its surrounding areas, the localities there might know or have heard of something. Half-breeds have a disturbing fascination with dragons, fire breathing and all. *shudders* They gravitate to that which would more often than not evoke fear in pure bloods. Which is why most of them choose to serve under Cherry Spy’s Beast Legion. And yes, dragon blood is quite… well. It seems like a good start.

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