A Razele Nonetheless, Pt. 2

the-mines-tokunoVa’lis summoned all his strength knowing I was not at full capacity. Using his Blood Magic, he was able to take out the youngest of them, which was a half-breed — how dreadful it must be to have your own blood incinerate you. Stefan and Illyana Draco would be much much harder.  This duo had been fighting for years together, they had it down to a science.  But luckily, I have the blood of Enkil in me… so even tired and half-drained, I’d still be one hell of a challenge!  They didn’t expect me to be so strong, the shock of my blows clearly adorned their faces. So they went after Va’lis… and well, me… sure come at me all you want, but you do not touch my family! With a ferocious hunger, I ripped through them as Va’lis used his greatest Blood Magic abilities to immobilize them enough so that I could rip their hearts out… one at a time.  Drenched in blood, we both pressed on knowing we had but minutes….  tired, and growing weaker and weaker by the minute — especially Va’lis whose powers draw on his own blood — but we couldn’t stop. We had to get Isonu!  A few younger guards accompanied by the Yomotsu came at us, we had to fight!

Va’lis bested the waves of guards with his Blood Magic as I shuffled through room after room until we finally reached Isonu.  Isonu was unconscious and visibly tortured… he had been hurt and hurt bad, he needed blood.  I let Va’lis do the honors, hoping the Razele in him would respond better to Razele blood. But nothing… we waited as long as we possibly could before we’d have swarms of Draconians on us.  I hoisted him onto my back, Va’lis in front of us, and as we came out we ran into a mob of more guards.  I was now half of the half I was before I had Isonu’s unconscious body flung over my back…. it was up to Va’lis now.  And if there was one thing we absolutely knew… it was we had to get the hell outta there!!!  “Va’lis, go… we must get him out! Find Cassius… find Flavius!”  He nodded and wiped at his brow, he was exhausted and I could feel how weak he was getting. “No blood magic, Va’lis unless you absolutely must!” I told him. He agreed.  As we turned the corner out of the corridor towards the stairs that led up, I saw her.  Fuck!

“Leaving so soon?,”  Zeeke taunted, “but I’ve yet to have my fun.”  Va’lis’ rage could not be contained, “I’ve had just about enough of you going after mine, you insane little cunt!!” He yelled at her as he flung himself onto her.  I barely could get the words out, “VA’LIS!!!” when Flavius and Cassius finally came down the stairs and into view. Zeeke had no problems flinging Va’lis straight into the wall of the underground cave, indenting it with his body.  Yeah that had to hurt. “Fuckkk,” Va’lis said as he slid down, but he quickly got back up… his rage fueled him! Cassius instantly came to my side, using his Flight Gift he grabbed both Isonu and I and moved us towards the stairs, “Not so fast, Pandora!”  Zeeke came at me seeing an opportunity in my weakened state.  She dug her claws deep into Isonu’s back, sending him flying into the wall where he crashed to the ground… that only served to feed my fury and Va’lis’ rage.  Va’lis used his magic, paralyzing her but she broke through only a few seconds later, “You can’t hold me, boy!”  His magic is no force for her, but the few seconds helped me get back to on my feet and without much warning I dug into Zeeke’s throat, one hand ripping into it. Flavius and Cass turned to face the waves of guards — both Yomotsu and Draconian — letting Va’lis and I focus on Zeeke.

Zeeke was tough! Extra tough because we were so exhausted and drained.  Cassius pulled out a dagger from his boot, staking one of the Draconians… as the creature turned to ash in his hands he handed it over to Va’lis. Va’lis, not one to light the close quarter combat resigned and took the dagger, came up behind Zeeke as she struggled to push me off of her.  He dug the dagger straight across Zeeke’s neck… deep. She gagged on her own blood, looked up at me.  I snapped her neck with whatever was left in me, sending both her and I down to the ground… thump! Va’lis exclaimed, “Die in a fucking pyre bitch!”  Va’lis rushed to my side,  I could barely get the words out… “Let’s… get out… of here!”  Va’lis grabbed poor Isonu, carrying his body… Flavius turned to get me… he once again gave me some of his blood.  Cassius helped Va’lis with Isonu… and we rushed our asses out of that god forsaken mine!

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