Aftermath, Pt. 4

imageMarius needed all his strongest Legionnaires called home. He had asked me to bring my best most formidable commanders to Sosaria. Some of them have never traveled to this planet. So I had to go back to Earth, something I dreaded right now for Carrie’s sake. Rules of operation had to pressed out to them; what they could bring and what they could not. I resigned myself to the fact I would have to go.

But if I had to go back to France, I might as well look the part. I donned my best most expensive garments. My fabulous off the shoulder royal blue-colored sheath dress and matching statement hat, Givenchy of course. My powder blue stilettos, Jimmy Choo, would clack across the marble of the our Parisian Pallisades compound as I made my way down to our version of the “Situation Room”.

There they waited for me, their sire. And once I saw them, I instantly felt more at ease about everything. Lucius, Lars, and Cassadee all greeted me. Each of them told me about what’s been going on on their side of the universe. Lars brought his progeny with him.  I had met her quite a few times now.  She’s reserved, of Native Indian descdent born around the late 1700’s.

Lucius had already gotten all his affairs in order, leaving behind his progeny in charge of his estate in Berlin. He had one backpack full of necessities and he was the first to say, “I am ready to go.” I can always count on Lucius to do exactly as he’s told without fail.  He’s my most loyal.  A small hiccup will be introducing him to my husband.  He, like my sire-mother, did not approve of Va’lis as my choice of spouse.  That might also be because our Blood Call has never really sub-sided.  Normally it does after 100 years or so, but for Lucius and I, the attraction was hard and fast.  And it remained so.  Still to this day when we’re near each other, things get…. complicated.

Cassadee said she would need several weeks to prepare.  I was like, “Lady, we don’t got weeks.”  To which she replied, “Umm, you expect me to go without all the comforts of this modern age… back to the Ice Age! And you want me to do this in a few days? You are crazy!” She complained.  I just sat there, calmly without moving and pursed my lips.  “Fine… fine…  I’ll get it together,” she gave in.  Cassadee complains about everything but then she does as she’s asked.  She’s very keen to really only listen to myself or her grandfather, Lucius.  The great thing about her is she is so limber! A small delicate little thing, almost a childlike body.  Let’s her sneak up on people.  Its quite useful.

Lars is special. Extremely loyal yet very level headed. He deals primarily in hand-to-hand combat and he is exceptionally good at it. “I’ll leave most of my progeny here, except her,” he pointed towards the door.  “She being still somewhat young and all needs to be with me.  Is that a problem?”  He asked me.  I shook my head, “Not at all, accomodations for the both of you will be made,” I said.

My progeny would need their own space, eventually.  But for the first few months, I’d have them stay in our guest room.  Something they were fine with.  Lucius was quick to ask, “Will the mister be home often enough?”  I pondered that for a moment because if I said yes, and then he saw that Va’lis was not he would immediately form an opinion.  If I said no, he would think it an invitation to slip into my bed.  A slight smirk appeared on my face, “It is his house, he comes and goes as he pleases.”  Perfect. Neither a year or no.

Cassie, Lars, and his progeny all returned to their own rooms at the Pallisades — it does have 118 of them — while Lucius and I made our way down a few more floors to the world gate. Once the doors of the elevators closed,  Lucius decided to pause them for a moment, “You do look exceptional today.”  *sighs*  So hard to resist a man like him.


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