Transcripts from the Emergency Elders’ Meeting, 7/25

Meeting Date:  July 25th
Meeting Time: 5 AM, Eastern Skies
Meeting Topic: Threats to the safety of Umbra’s citizens…

Pandora:  Greetings, so nice to see some old faces attend this dawn.  *nods to Lestat*

Marius: Aye, Lestat it is nice to see you again.

Lestat: *shrugs* I was in the neighborhood.

Pandora:  I called this meeting because it has been brought to my attention that the city of Umbra may be in peril.

Pandora:  We must provide assistance to the citizens of that town.  They are newly born into this life and have yet to acquire any powers that could assist them.

Lestat: *raises hand*

Pandora: Yes, Lestat?

— Lestat slouches in his chair and crosses his arms. —

Lestat: Why do we care?  Did we make these… newborns?

Pandora: Well, no. We did not.  The town was ravaged by another band of vampires known as LICH.  They were hungry, yet strategic. They fed on and then turned almost all the citizens they could find in Umbra, then indoctrined them as their slaves.

Lestat: LICH you say? And where would they be?

Pandora: No one knows.

Lestat: I would surely like to meet them one day. *slight smirk*

Louis: And do what?  *air of synycism*

Lestat:  My dear Louis, still pining away for Claudia are we?

Louis: *stands from his chair* It would be best if you kept your mouth shut about her.

Marius: *voice raised* ENOUGH!

— Louis sat down.  Lestat straightened up in his chair. —

Marius:  After how many centuries, we’re still bickering vampires over the most forgotten of things… *pounds fist down on table* … It is intolerable.

— Table shatters into a million pieces. Louis hangs head down; Lestat gives a small grin. —

Pandora:  Calm down lover, some things are less forgotten than others. *eyes to Louis*

— Louis eyes meet Pandora’s in acknowledgement. Marius sat down in his chair next to Pandora’s. —

Pandora: But those things are not the topic at hand.

Pandora: We will be working to highten security for these newborn vampires.  Afterall, they have no one to care for them and I have made it our charge to do so.

David:  *raises hand*

Pandora: David?

David: How many were turned?  What ages? All adults?

Pandora:  At last count, 59 humans were turned.  That includes children, the youngest is 4 and the oldest is 71. Some of their related families were sent away and escaped our fate.  For example, the 71 year old man and his wife, 69, are both now vampires, but their children and grandchildren are still human; they sacrificed their own lives to get their family out of harm’s way.  That transition has been very tough on that family.

David: Oh my, what is the plan m’lady?

— David makes a few notes on his notebook and then looks back to Pandora. —-

Pandora: Well, I am going to require our city’s best craftsmen to help build an outpost for not only our own coven, but also as a presence for the Royal Britannian Guard. That means our best smiths, *eyes shot to Amroth*, and those in their charge and also our stoneworkers and masons must be available to help build this new outpost.

Amroth: *raises hand*

Pandora: *looks to Amroth* Yes, sir?

Amroth: Since this directly relates to me, as I am the city’s elder smith, I will ensure the cooperation of our city’s best merchants.  Where is the location of this new construction?

Pandora:  Glad you asked, Amroth and your help is greatly appreciated.

Pandora:  The new construction is being built directly west of the city of Umbra. Right after the west-end entrance bridge.

Amroth: Wasn’t there some ruins in that location?

Pandora: Aye, I have gotten the town’s citizens to help us clear the area out and build the outpost, so you will have the assistance of Umbra’s finest.

Amroth: Splendid!  Umbra does have some fine merchants and craftsmen.

Marius: Indeed.

Cherry: *smiling* My beast masters can also assist, dear Amroth.  Their brood will happily tow away any old ruins that we will not re-use.

Amroth: Excellent Cherry, surely a greater dragon’s strength will prove useful. But afterall, we are vampires. This should not take very long at all.

Pandora: Exactly.  If we all come together to do this, we should be finished in a fraction of the time it would take mortals to accomplish such a build.

Lestat:  My thousand pardons, but I am already engaged elsewhere.  I cannot assist.

Marius: Still in masquerade are we?

Lestat: Partially yes, but the fans while they believe me to pretend to be a vampire, accept me as one none-the-less.

Louis: A vampire pretending to be a human pretending to be a vampire.  How cliche.

— Lestat shoots Louis a cold stare. —

Lestat:  Like you haven’t?

Marius: *raises his hand* Very well, Lestat. Thou may be excused from the rest of these proceedings.

Lestat: *turns to Marius with a squint in his eyes* But..

Marius:  I am assuming I do not have to show thee the door.  *taps fingers on edge of chair*

Lestat: *smirks* This coven is far too rediculous!  Helping newborns we didn’t even make… the blasphemy.  We should be burning the city the damned ground!

— Lestat stands, kicks his chair from under him, and with a blink exits the coven hold. —

Marius:  *rolls eyes* He truly is a brat!

Khayman: It takes all I have not to drain him dry sometimes. *without taking his eyes off his book*

Marius:  *sighs* Oh but how I love him for it.  Pandora, my love… continue.

— Louis shifts in his chair.  For he too shares the same sentiment as Marius. —

Pandora:  As I was saying, the outpost will be commanded by Capt. Kalmar Erikkson of the RBG, I’ve already contacted him about it.  He will be recruiting new deputies and officers and increasing security patrols of the city.  There will be need of a jail.

Amroth: A jail?  To house undead?

Pandora: Yes.

Amroth: Good lord! That will add weeks to our build out plans.

Pandora: Unfortunately, it is needed.

Bianca:  Why not use our city’s jail?  It was so well made.

— Amroth smiles broadly in pride. —

Marius: Bianca darling, we cannot bring them here.  We abide by a different ruleset than the mortals of the Crown and they have procedures they must follow. Umbra is very much a part of the Crown’s holdings.

Bianca: I have many friends in the city of Umbra and to have any of them feel threatened the way they do is unacceptable.  In my opinion they should be burnt, beheaded, and tossed to the four winds.

Marius: And that is our way, but not the mortals.  I hold firm that they should do as their Crown bids of them without our interference.

Pandora: I have friends in Umbra too, Bianca. I share your feelings on this.  But Marius is right, we must interfere as little as possible.  Remember we’re not “accepted” by mortals so easily; the less we impose our ways the better.

Bianca: It is why I opposed the reversal of our masquerade.  I knew mortals would never accept our existance.  Can we truly trust Queen Dawn and her subjects?

Mael: Well, they know what would happen if they crossed us.  We’ve assembled most of our ancients and elders here within a day’s notice… and some of our elders are as powerful as ancients for the blood that runs through them is of the fount.  A handful of us would mean destruction for their entire Kingdom.

— Pandora flinches. —

Pandora: I assure you all that would never happen.  They called us out of our slumber.  They knew the evils of this land would completely overwhelm them without stronger, more powerful beings on their side.

Armand: *in his Italian accent* Well that we are.  But I agree with Bianca, we should extinguish all the creatures that stir below the city of Umbra.  Do they have a leader?

Pandora:  Well, word is that Ix Tab has managed to sway their leader to her cause.  Ilhenir is the charge of Bedlam.

Armand: Bedlam?

Pandora:  Aye, Bedlam was once a great underground institute of education in the dark arts.  But once Ilhenir and his minions took it over,  it is now completely overrun by the likes of undead that even we would cringe to look at.

Armand:  Deformed?

Pandora:  Yes, very much so.

Bianca:  Ugh, I really hate to look upon deformaties.

Marius:  Pray you won’t have to.

David:  *continuing to take notes* What of Ilhenir?  We know of Ix Tab, know her powers are driven by the crystals she guards.  What do we know of Ilhenir?

Pandora:  Very little, David.  But we do know he wields magic of the most darkest power.  He’s learned to summon “Red Death”.

— The room gasps in almost unison; collectively. —

David:  I thought Red Death was a myth!  No?  Has this been seen?

Cherry:  I have personally seen it.  And it was under Ix Tab’s power and control in the city of Luna.

Pandora: Aye,  that is confirmed.

David:  Oh my.

Armand:  So this Ilhenir is quite the dark sorceror… well, we will have to unite even further.  Lestat’s powers are very strong.  Is there any way to convince him to join the cause?

Marius:  I control Lestat about as much as you control the weather, my dear Armand.

Armand:  And Magnus?  Surely Lestat would abide by his maker’s request.

Marius:  You forget that Lestat owes Magnus no alligience, for Magnus deserted him.  For centuries, it was thought Magnus was dead.

Louis:  Lestat will listen to me.

Marius:  That’s for sure.  But you can’t even stand to be in the same room, Louis.

Louis: Its not of hate.  It is of desparate passion.

Pandora:  *Pandora walk over and takes a seat next to Louis* Louis,  are you still much bound to him?

Louis:  Like you are to Marius.

Pandora:  *nods and smiles*

Armand:  Louis, could you speak with him?

Louis:  I am unsure that our convictions can be settled before this Ilhenir makes his attack on Umbra.

Pandora:  Try, Louis.  For me?

Louis:  *his eyes caught those of Pandora’s*  M’lady, I shall.

Pandora:  Very well then.  Amroth, you know what must be done.

Roslyn: I shall assist Amroth.  My crafting skills do need a bit of polish though.

Amroth:  No problem there dear.  I shall teach thee all I know.

Pandora:  Then we adjourn.

— Amroth, Roslyn, and Griselda continue to talk among themselves.  Pandora, Marius, and Louis strike up another side conversation; Bianca interjects.  Armand continues to sit in his chair, staring up at Marius, admiring his command as he converses with Louis.  Mael, Khayman, and Thorne exit the meeting hall and hold a side conversation at the bar.  David and Cherry join Amroth’s group for discussion. —

I just take notes.


Conclusion:  CoD will sponsor the building of a new outpost that will be delivered to Capt. Kalmar Erikkson of the RBG to assist in the increase of security patrols for the city of Umbra. The building will be ran and managed by the Capt. and he will recruit new mortals to service under him.  The completion of the new building is slated for 30 nights time, but the requirement of a jail that can effectively hold undead creatures may lengthen that time.  A letter with the conclusionary statements of this meeting will be sent to the Commander of the RBG via courier.

Ancients in Attendance: Guardians/Elders in Attendance:
Pandora de Romanus, Coven Master
Marius de Romanus, Coven Master
Bianca Solderini
Louis de Pointe du Lac
Lestat de Lioncourt
David Talbot
Cherry Spy
Amroth di Plinius
Carolina von Hatter
Roslyn Bosworth

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