Getting What Belongs to Us, Pt. 9

astoriaI hurried the servants as quickly as I could. After Pandora and Bianca came for the kids I knew I needed to get to Armand’s side quickly. With Merida being kidnapped I knew he was a mess. I’ve come to love my new family. Armand easily became my best friend along with his beloved wife. on earth my powers are limited if not non-existent. I could still see spirits, I could communicate with them, but I could not perform a single spell. I’ve learned to cope. Armand, Merida and their beautiful children mean more to me then anything else.

I passed a hall and stopped. I could feel something but could not place my finger on it. It worried me, so I ran after the servant in charge of clearing Rose and Antonio’s room. I suddenly felt a strong hand grab me and I was flying. I screamed and tried to fight but I knew I could do nothing. I was helpless. I was dropped to a floor roughly and I stood quickly. Ready to defend myself. I tried a spell, which didn’t work. I knew who had captured me. It was the Draconians. “You will be burned”… I knew if my life was taken that Merida would go beserk. I knew Armand would stop at nothing to avenge me. They only laughed and before I could do anything, before I could take a single breath I felt a sharp pain in my throat. The man, David I think his name was, latched onto me tightly. I had been bitten before by many, even Val’is had a taste, but his powerful bite was much different. My energy drained quickly.

I fought him as best I could but I knew my life was over. He released his hold only to turn me over to the woman who grabbed me from the Villa. She was worse. I felt nothing but pain as she drank my life from me. I could hear screaming. Merida, I could hear her. Was she there? Was she seeing me take my final breaths? It brought tears to my eyes. I was 32, I’ve never been married, I had no children to call my own, so much I had left to live for, but in my final moments I smiled, I had my family, my Armand, my Merida, and their beautiful children. How I loved them so..finally I slipped into darkness, where the very souls that haunted me everyday waited for me with open arms, and a choice. A choice…to linger or continue to the after life. I could see my body being carried roughly, I no longer felt pain. But where was I going? I would hold on. I had to. For my family…

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