valis-casual“Did he really just recall away?”, she questioned herself after her meeting with her ‘Uncle’. All she had asked was for him to tell her of her Father. She had every right to know and after everything she had given up for him during their time together, it was one of the few things he could give her.

Brelynn called upon Pandryl to come to her and within seconds he was by her side. She climbed up on him as she would do any normal time and held on tightly as they soared towards the sky together. Slowly, doing as they had practiced at lower heights, Brelynn slid back and stood while balancing on the mighty dragon’s back. She looked towards the heavens in a mighty thank you and smiled brightly as she slid back into a seated position. Pandryl landed them both safely in their favorite camping spot to where she built a campfire and took a bath in the nearby water, illuminated only by that of the moon. She had no true worries of someone daring to cause her harm with her protector so close.

She was jolted awake by the sound of rustling leaves and a thud to the ground as her dragon jumped up quickly to defend her. Quickly regaining her senses, she smiled to herself when she saw the intruder. He was a handsome man, one might even call him pretty if it wasn’t for the look of complete terror upon his face.

“Who are you and what do you want?” she asked while the dragon circled around his prey. The man managed to stammer out slowly that he was only looking for food and didn’t want any trouble. He placed his hands in front of him while he begged her to please calm her dragon down and to let him go. She gave Pandryl the command to stand down so that she could offer food to the stranger.

She went to her stash and found some left over bread and meat to which she offered him and he gladly took to eat. They talked for awhile about nothing really and when he had finally dozed off, she knew it was time to find another secret spot. Remembering the reasons given as to why he was there, Brelynn decided to slip some food in the bag he had laid next to him while he slept. She quietly opened the bag to find not only food in there but also a knife and what would might consider a homemade gag. It smelled of human blood, and she turned her head away in disgust as she knew what this man truly was. He was a monster of the worst kinds and she was going to ensure he never had the chance to harm another.

pandrylTossing the bag to Pandryl, who caught it in his teeth, Brelynn curled up seductively against the man. Awakening him as she wrapped her body around his and stroking his cheek. When his eyes opened and a smile crossed his lips, she kissed him gently before trailing down to his neck. Playing his little game, she sighed softly before sinking her teeth into the large vein in his neck.

He tried to get away, he tried to reach for his sack that was no longer there, but it was to no avail. Brelynn was only half mortal and stronger than most despite her small size. While she finished her meal, draining him of most of his blood, Pandryl stood by anxiously, his tail thumping in excitement. Finally releasing him, she licked her lips slowly. “Go” was all she said as she shooed him away and she smiled as he crawled a few feet, before trying to run, only to fall. With a nod of her head, Pandryl tossed him in the air before devouring him whole.

Mmm, today was starting out to be a good day after all. It had been a long time since she had actually fed from another human and Pandryl also had a morning meal. She tossed the bandage and bag into the fire but decided to keep the knife as a souvenir. Even better, she no longer had to look for another secret spot now no one was around to know about it.

With her day cleared, she was going to find that blasted Uncle of hers and demand some answers one way or another.

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