Honeymoon: Kiev of Memories Past


We are husband and wife, Merida and I.  And legally so on two planets and 6 nations.  I had whisked my bride away the night after our wedding in Sosaria through the portal to Earth which of course drops us off in the deep underground heart of our Paris compound, the Palisades.  With its underground tunnels, we made our way through to the private airplane that had been commandeered by Marius to fly us anywhere we wished to go.  My beautiful bride wanted so much to see my long lost homeland of Kiev Rus, which is now modern day Kiev, Ukraine.  Ahhhh to be back there, struggling now to remember a young boy named Andrei.  That mortal life had long ago been extinguished and much of it remains a distant, not easily recalled, memory.  But there was nothing I wouldn’t do for my Meri.

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