Deadly Beauty


Upon orders from our coven leader Marius, we were to venture into the great isles of Tokuno to investigate the reasons behind Va’lis’ notes would be hidden there. Isonu mentioned that he has been attacked by stealthy characters once he had retrieved partial entries of Va’lis’ journal from deep within the Dojo. It is our charge to seek answers, so I asked one of my more formidable Legionnaires, Harvey Daniels to come along with me. We summoned our best fighters, Dragula and Alejandro to accompany us.  As we were preparing our dragons, my maker Amroth came to me. He gave me a shadow sextant infused with shadow magic, certain to be more accurate.  It would also glow a deep blue if there were Balrons near. Legend did have it that Tokuno has several Balrons that make it it’s residence. He hugged me and wished us both well on our journey.

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