The Search for A Clue


After the service for my daughter Saralyn, we gathered at the Bloody Brew. Isonu seemed anxious to tell me what he had been working on; the note we found at Fan Dancers that needed decryption. The threat of these bandits that seem to be rogue vampires created for a specific purpose by Va’lis Raze’le is very real. They seem to want whatever he had discovered, which I am sure has to do with the source of Va’lis’ power. Its thoroughly depressing to think that these humans were not properly validated to be given the Dark Gift, but then again that’s probably not something that Va’lis was taught to do. Only Isonu seems to be of any formidable value.

When I asked him if there had been any progress, he answered, “Well, yes and no… it seems to be in several different languages. There is Orcish, Gargoyle, and Elvish, and some others that I could not recognize.” I pondered this, “Well… hmmm… perhaps Natasha will have some more insight.  She is well versed in many languages.” He nodded in acknowledgement, “I did manage to translate one piece of it,” he continued, “seems to point to a place called Khaldun.”

The room went quiet.

Khaldun is not a place any of us remember fondly.  It is located in the Lost Lands in the Felucca dimension — a degraded, dangerous place. “That’s not a place any of us would want to visit.” I said.  “What’s in there?” Lestat quizzed. “Nothing nice, nothing fun” Cherry answered, “and everything in between.” Looking to Isonu I said, “We’ll need more information on what we’re supposed to be looking for there.  I am not sending you out there by yourself, either.  I will send Cherry and her Beast Legion to assist you. Are we clear?” Isonu nodded in agreement, “Perfectly.” He said.

Cherry looked at me. Her eyes showed a hint of fear, perhaps fear of her Legion as any good commander would, but fear none the less.  I looked back to her to reassure her, “Felucca isn’t as intimidating as it once was; not for some time now. When we ruled there, the dangers were certainly more prominent. In these recent times, that danger certainly has subsided.” Cherry looked to Isonu, “I will gather the Legion, just let me know when you are ready, Isonu.” He nodded.


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