The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 13

maharet-sexyNatasha called my name as a witness.  It had been a long time since I actually heard my real name spoken, “I call to witness, Maharet Revanatziah of House Kemet,” Natasha stated. “House Kemet gives their consent to the witness?” Chancellor Grimm asked.  Khayman stood up, “It does.”  Of course it does, Khayman did as I told him to do. This was really my house, everyone knew it.  I walked forth to take the witness stand and sat down.

The Order deputy came to me and asked me to raise my right hand and repeat after him, “On the Order’s Laws by the right of government granted us, do you solemnly swear to tell the truth by penalty of perjurious imprisonment as sentenced by the High Council?” His own hand shook as he stood in front of me. I gave him a somber look, “What do you think?”  Chancellor Grimm interjected, “A simple, ‘I do’ will suffice.”  One day I am going to rip that old vamp’s throat right the fuck out and sever his head from his body as I drink straight from his dead heart. “I do,” I said as I looked straight at him.

Counselor Elisa Windsor represented the Draconians.  She was smart, talented, and ruthless.  But she too, like the deputy, felt uncomfortable standing in front of me. But then again, most felt that way towards any of House Kemet, for they know we are the progenitors of all bloodlines on Earth.  Our dear David Talbot would be the counselor from our side to cross-examine me.


Couns. Windor:  “Ms. Revanatziah, if I may call you that madam.”


Ms. Revanatziah: “Reeves is what I go by these days. Margaret Reeves.”


Couns. Windor:  “Very well, Ms. Reeves.  Can you tell us how it is that you first came to know that the rogue vampire known as… Merida Douglas… had been taken into custody by House Draconis?”


Ms. Reeves: “You mean kidnapped, and if I can correct you.. her name is Merida de Romanus and has been for well over a year.  She is the wife of that man right over there…”  *points to Armand*  “… one of the sub-seats of House Romanus.”


Couns. Windsor: “That still fails to answer the question, Ms. Reeves.”


Ms. Reeves: “By Merida herself.”


Couns. Windsor: “Are you sure it was not by Marius de Romanus first?”


Ms. Reeves: “100%.  Merida is bonded to me. She spoke to me with our Blood Bond.”


Couns. Windsor: “So Marius de Romanus did not contact you at all to involve you in this matter, then?”


Ms. Reeves: “Did I say that?”


Couns. Windsor: “No madam you did not. So is that a yes or a no?”


Ms. Reeves: “Of course Marius contacted me about this matter, it is his daughter in law.  He knew she was bonded to me.  Your question was how I FIRST came to know of the abduction. And it was through Merida first.”


Couns. Windsor: “Very well.  Is Merida Douglas of any, at the time, registered bloodline of this Order? And of course if she wasn’t then she is by our laws deemed a rogue, no?”


Ms. Reeves: *smacks teeth* “I think that—”


Couns. Talbot:  “Objection, Chancellors.  Counselor is badgering the witness to provoke a response.  That is a known fact part of the records already submitted.”


Chancellor O’Connor: “Sustained. Ms. Douglas’ status with the Order at the time of the raid is duly noted.”


Couns. Windsor: *sighs* “Okay let’s move on to the night in question.  A team was assembled correct?”


Ms. Reeves: “You’re damned right.  She is my protego, by our laws, that puts her directly under my protection — rogue or not — there is a certain level of due course in dealing with such a situation and certain rights that I have as her current sire.”


Couns. Windsor: “Yes, but by what right does House Romanus have in assisting such a negotiation?”


Ms. Reeves: *leaning forward*  “I stated them before, she is the wife of Armand de Romanus. Love holds him to her. Are we to expect zero reaction from her own family in her abduction? No. Certainly not.  And this is the last time I say it.  Her connection is to both my own House Kemet and House Romanus.”


Couns. Windsor: “You mean Khayman Amari’s house, certainly.”


Ms. Reeves:  *stands from the chair, eyes glowing a blaze*


Chancellor Grimm:  “Ms. Reeves… sit down!”


Couns. Talbot:  “Maharet!”


*Couns. Windsor backs away from Maharet*


Ms. Reeves:  *sitting back down at David Talbot’s voice“House Kemet is my house, just because this Order wishes to live in the 12th century makes no bearing on the fact that House Kemet has always been my house.  Let’s make that very clear.”


Couns. Windsor:  *pausing for a long moment and keeping her distance* “Uhh, so a team assembled that included members of House Kemet and House Romanus. However, negotiations between yourself and House Draconis had already been established. A time had been agreed upon, terms by which the release of Merida Douglas, would be honored. No?”


Ms. Reeves: “House Draconis had no stance to have even taken her! Tell me a reason she was taken, some rule she broke, some law that granted House Draconis the right to take my protego?!?  I do not negotiate with common thugs! And before you tell me to answer the god damn question, the answer is NO. There was no negotiation…. I gave Davido Draconis an explicit time that I expected him to release her to me or suffer my wrath. And it was that wrath that he felt that night! Be assured of it. Ask his not-so-pretty little wife.”


David Draco: *standing up and yelling at Maharet at the mention of Zeeke“She’s a fucking rogue, any house can take a rogue and do as they please with!  I held her at my tower, my territory, my lands. You had no right—“


Chancellor O’Connor:  *slamming his fist down* “Sit down, Mr. Draco… immediately!”


Couns. Windsor: “Ms. Reeves, what happened once the raid started?”


Ms. Reeves: “Well Khayman and I got Merida back. If you thought for a second that would come out any different, you’re sadly mistaken.  I would have killed everyone in that place to get her back, period.”


Couns. Windsor: “But you didn’t.  You injured but you did not kill. The killing was done by House Romanus.  Several of House Draconis’ guards and militia members, as well as the murder of Kristof Draconis.  So in essence you yourself lost nothing.”


Ms. Reeves:  *snickers* “Our goals were not all that different.”

Couns. Windsor: “But they were.  For they wanted to retrieve another. Another rogue… Carrie Parker.”


Ms. Reeves:  “Carrie Parker is Merida Douglas’ sire sister.  Merida would not go without her.”


Couns. Windsor: “But as a rogue, we have the right to capture and contain them as we see fit.”


Ms. Reeves: “Wouldn’t be the first of many laws that need revision and clarification by the High Council.”


Couns. Windsor:  “And you felt it was prudent to use your special talents to burn and maim, almost kill Anyala Navrokova, known as Zeeke now a days, even if Mr. Draconis was already releasing Merida to you?”


Ms. Reeves: “Yes, I did.”


Couns. Windsor: “Why is that?”


Ms. Reeves: “Because it made me feel better.”


Couns. Windsor: *smacks teeth* “I see.”  *a long pause*  “I have nothing further.”


Chancellor Grimm: “Very well, then Counselor Talbot. Cross?”


*David Talbot stood up and walked towards Maharet*


Counselor Elisa Windsor returned to her seat as David walked up to me.  He smiled warmly.  The age of his soul clearly shined through the young man that stood before me.  Of course, David Talbot had been the victim of a Body Snatching incident. He was unable to get his old body back, thus had been trapped in this new body.  Lestat had turned him to make amends, but David did not see it as hindrance at all.  More of a gift.  He had adjusted well. But clearly that is one of the biggest reasons that “gift” is forbidden from use.



Couns. Talbot:  “Ms. Reeves, firstly thank you for coming to testify today.”


Ms. Reeves: “Of course, it is my station as a progenitor to set the example.  Right the wrongs.”


Couns. Talbot: *smiles“Indeed madam. I would like to start with the conversation you had with Mr. Romanus in reference to the taking of Merida.”


Ms. Reeves:  *nods*  “Surely.”


Couns. Talbot: “What was the reason that Mr. Romanus said Merida had been taken?”


Ms. Reeves: “He explained that House Draconis was interested in the special magic that the Razele bloodline contained. That in fact that was the reason why they had taken the young Carrie Parker and Merida as well.”


Couns. Talbot: “Did you know of Miss Parker’s abduction prior to Merida’s own abduction?”


Couns. Windsor: “Objection, leading the witness.”


Chancellor Grimm: “I’ll allow the question. Overruled.”


Ms. Reeves: “I did not.  Marius only contacted me after Merida had been taken.”


Couns. Talbot: “So he only enlisted your assistance once it involved House Kemet?”


Ms. Reeves: “That is correct.”


Couns. Talbot:  “So, in fact, House Kemet was enlisted only to help with a House Kemet issue.”


Couns. Windsor: “Objection. Argumentative.”


Chancellor Grimm: “Sustained. Moved to strike.”


Couns. Talbot: “When did you first become aware that Mr. Romanus had killed Mr. Draconis?”


Ms. Reeves: “When he and members of his family came back to our regroup point.  He was covered in blood and Ms. Spy announced it to us as Khayman and I were tending to Merida’s wounds.”


Couns. Talbot: “Did he say anything else?”


Ms. Reeves: “Marius? No. He didn’t.”


Couns. Talbot: “And where was Miss Parker at this point?”


Ms. Reeves: “Shaking like a leaf in the arms of Ms. Spy who is her sire-mother, by the way.  Merida wrestled out of the car we had put her in and ran straight to her to wrap her arms around her.”


Couns. Talbot: “And how did Miss Parker seem to you?”


Ms. Reeves:  “She was in a catatonic state, clearly affected by her ordeal.”


Couns. Talbot: “Where there any visible bruises, gashes, markings, anything of that sort that had not yet healed?”


Couns. Windsor: “Objection. Leading the witness.”

Chancellor Grimm: “Sustained, please rephrase the question.”


Couns. Talbot: *nods* “Did she have any physical notations of her ordeal?”


Ms. Reeves:  “Oh yes, the childe was badly beaten.  Since she is a newborn she does not possess the healing abilities we elders have so they were all clearly visible.”


Couns. Talbot: *a long pause*  “Did she speak to you or anyone near you at that time?”


Couns. Windsor: “Objection. The witness can only answer about conversations in where she was directly involved, otherwise its hearsay.”


Chancellor Grimm:  “The witness is instructed to only answer in regards to her own conversations.”


Ms. Reeves:  “No she did not.”


Couns. Talbot: *turning to the High Council*  “I have nothing further Chancellors.”


Chancellor Grimm:  “Very well,  we shall call the next witness.”


Order Deputy Silas: “The High Council calls, Merida Douglas de Romanus.”



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