The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 25

Counselor Windsor was first at bat with Va’lis.  I knew this was a huge gamble on our part. We all know how volatile Va’lis can be.  None the less, here we go.


Couns. Windsor:  ““At the time of these events, were you registered with the Order of the Talamasca, thus bound to their laws?”

Mr. Razele: “”No, at the time of the incident my line was not registered.”

Couns. Windsor: “So by that same token, none of your progeny were protected, correct?”

Mr. Razele: “At the time I was bonded to Pandora, protecting me and mine. Our line was not protected on our own, but I was for all intents and purposes one of Pandora’s progeny.”

Couns. Windsor: “And when was that bond broken?  Prior to the taking of Carrie Parker or after?”

Mr. Razele: “It was broken afterward. On my wedding night.”

Couns. Windsor: “You’re absolutely positive that when Carrie Parker was taken, you blood bond was still intact with Mrs. Romanus?”

Mr. Razele: “I remember the days of my life well enough yes. So I am certain.”

Couns. Windsor: “Thank you.  I have nothing further of this witness but reserve the right to recall this witness.”

Hmm.  This was too brief, she has something up her sleeve. I can feel it.  I looked to Natasha, “Check these facts.” She nodded and rushed up to the private box to speak with Pandora.

Couns. Talbot: “Hello Mr. Razele, thank you for coming and being a part of these proceedings. Tell me sir, how much do you know of the Laws of Progeny?”

Mr. Razele: “They were drilled into me by Pandora and Marius.” *a slight chuckle*

Couns. Talbot: “And you are aware that these laws protect those bound to us not just those created by us?”

Mr. Razele: “I am.”

Couns. Talbot:  “Would you then say that both Carrie Parker and Merida Douglas Romanus would be protected by Pandora de Romanus if indeed you were bonded to her at the time of their kidnapping?”

Mr. Razele:  “Those laws cover a great many things.” *his tone slightly irritable now* “But, yes I would say so.”

Couns. Windsor: “Objection,  leading the witness.”

Chancellor Gray: “Counselor, rephrase the question.”

Couns. Talbot:  “Are you aware that the protection of the Laws of Progeny extend to your immediate progeny even as a protego?”

Mr. Razele:  “Yes, I am.”

*David looks to the chancellors* I have nothing further for this witness.

 *Counselor Windsor stands and evokes her right to redirect*

Couns. Windsor: “Mr. Razele when did you get married to uhh…. Let me see here… Cherilyn Spyergenanbaum?  Did I say that right? I couldn’t have.”

You could almost hear Cherry screaming through the glass, “Bitch, you know the fuck I am!”

Mr. Razele: *evil chuckle*  “I think you know her name, Counselor.  Towards the beginning of the year I believe… She will now most likely kill me for not remembering the exact date.”

Couns. Windsor: “Aha.” *walks over to the witness stand*  “Chancellors, I would like to enter into evidence, exhibit 1-P, Moonglow Registrar’s Certificate of Marriage dated January 3rd of this year.”  *holds it up for Va’lis to see*  “Sir, is that your signature there as the groom?”

Mr. Razele: *looks at the paperwork held up to him* “It appears to be, yes.”

Couns. Windsor: “Let the records show that Mr. Razele identifies his signature for exhibit 1-P.  I’d also like to enter into evidence, exhibit 2-P Missing Persons Report filed by the RBG of Umbra for Carrie Parker Perry dated January 7th by one Richard Perry.”  *shows him the report* “So therefore you were not bonded to Mrs. Romanus if you broke the bond the night of your marriage when Mrs. Parker-Perry was taken, correct?”

Mr. Razele:  *chuckles lightly once more*  “So it would seem.”

Couns. Windsor: “Oh you knew damn well.” *looks to the Chancellors*  “Prosecution moves to strike Mr. Razele’s testimony from the records and moves to remand him to the holding cells under the ground of perjury.”

Mr. Razele: “”If you wish. Still doesn’t change the fact they forced me to turn her”  *loud enough to be heard*

Marius stands from his chair in pure defiance, “If you put my son in a cell, you put me in a cell.”

David Draco says with some volume, “Where you both belong.”

Couns. Talbot: “Objection, intent!! Prosecution must prove the witnesses intent to deceive.”

Chancellor Gray: “Everyone calm down! And while we are curious to know the circumstances of Miss Parker’s turning. That has been ruled to be a previous crime that has yet to be filed with this Order.  We will confer. Chancellors!”

The chancellors huddle to decide intent to deceive or not.

Mr. Razele:  *sighs a bit while shaking his head before he glances up towards Cherry*  “Courts…” *grumbles*

Chancellor Grimm: “Putting it to vote.”

Chancellor Grimm:  “Overruled..”

Chancellor Gray:  “Sustained.”

Chancellor O’Connor: “Sustained.”

Chancellor Finley: “Sustained..”

Chancellor Grant:  “Overruled.”

Chancellor McCormick: “Sustained.”

Chancellor Larson: “Sustained.”

Chancellor Grimm:  “Very well then, Mr. Razele you may step down at this time. No charges will be filed against Mr. Razele, but his testimony will be stricken from the records.”

Couns. Windsor: “Chancellors, this is absurd!  He purposely tried to deceive the High Council into thinking that Mrs. Parker-Perry would be protected by a bond that no longer existed with Mrs. Romanus.”

Chancellor Grimm: “It’s been voted, Counselor. Continue with another witness or rest your case.”

Couns. Windsor: *purses lips*  “Then we rest, Chancellors.  Testimony from David Draco has already been submitted.”

Couns. Talbot: “Testimony from Marius de Romanus has also been submitted. The defense rests.”

Chancellor Gray: “Very well,  we will deliberate.”


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