Adding to the Lineage

maharet-khayman-babyThis had been the third shot of the Kickstart Serum that we both had taken.  I am now about 6-7 weeks along.  It didn’t take but a week or so for Khayman’s seed to take hold.  We didn’t expect it to be so quick.  Mekare was told of the plan ahead of time, and of course she was completely against it. In our old Kemetian tongue, well through our telepathy which stayed through my transformation shockingly, she raged against the idea.

“How could you even think of such a thing?  We’re vampires!  We haven’t been mortal in nearly 7,000 years. Miriam was a fluke of nature… and she was the product of a brutal rape that—-” I had to cut her off.  “You wait a minute.  That same man that was forced to exact the Queen’s rage is the same man that rescued us, the same man that had stayed at our side by and by for many a millennia. He also happens to be my husband, as much as you hate that fact.”  I said outloud. “You know I do, I have no forgiveness… my heart remains dark,” Mekare stated in a sharp tone. “Then let it remain dark.  I for one will not allow someone I care for to go through this and have it be… be…” I stumbled for the words. “… a freak? You mean to say,” Mekare stated. “No, a failure.  A freak we could handle, it would be tough but we can do it. I mean there are half-breeds… at the very worst, it would be a half-breed,” I said.  She restated her mind, “… a freak.”  I shot her a look, “If Marius knew you spoke in such anger about their kind, he would lunge at your throat!”  “Luckily, I have no tongue to speak.  Besides, I would welcome my death at his hands; I wouldn’t fight him,” she said.  “By Horus, are you so devoid of emotion?” I asked her flatly.  She responded with a shrug.  Just then there was a knock, it was Khayman.  Mekare threw her hands up and went towards the door to open it.  When she did, Khayman quickly moved out of her way, hanging his head down, looking at his feet as he almost always does when my sister is around.  He has never been able to be completely rid of the shame.  She stormed past him, her perfume lingering in the room.  Which made me sick to my stomach.

Khayman entered after a few seconds passed by,  he saw that my stomach was turned.  He turned on his heel and went to get me some ice water. “Sit… drink, you mustn’t allow her to stress ye. Thy condition is much delicate, more than usual,” he said also in our ancient Kemetian as he sat next to me. I took a long draw of the cold water, which made me feel better. “You would think that after so many thousands of years, she would get over it,” I said as he took the glass to set it on the end table and then slid my hand in between his. “And ye would think with so many ages, ye would abandon the idea she forgive,” his words slight, tender. He caressed my cheek.

I looked up at him, “Are we doing the right thing?” I asked.  “Assured, aye. Cherilyn would be much hurt if bad happened. It has always been our station to protect the line. This no different.” He spoke without doubt, instantly putting me at ease.  I laid back in the comfortable bed of our apartment in the Catacombs under the Lair. “Khay, we are having a child together.  Again.  And unlike the first, this was created out of love.” I said to him. He smiled at me. “The first was also. For me,” he kissed my hand and held it to his cheek, “but we must keep focus. Not let emotion stir too deeply, remind that this for Cher.”  He was right, I couldn’t let the emotions cloud my purpose. I was stronger than that, by far. I was the one they came to for strength, for valor, for honor.  This was for Cherry, not for us.

Khayman crawled over to lay beside me, wrapping his arm around me. I felt the safest with him and he knew it. I didn’t ever have to say it. I think Mekare also knew.  If it came down to it, I’d chose Khayman.  I think that’s why she doesn’t push too, too hard. We synchronized our breathing without even meaning to… how strange to be dependent on it.  “Ye know, I too have emotions. I have thought of name. For girl, if Horus allows,” he smiled at me, “Isidora.”  I couldn’t help but smile, “I like it.”

And just as we settled in, we heard a commotion above ground.  Something was happening.  Mekare bursts in the room, “Something’s happened!” Her voice rang loudly in my head.

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