Hell fire and Brimstone

Three days, Armand and I searched for that little whore for three fucking days! Until finally Ana sent be word through our Razele blood that Krystalee was safe and hidden by Va’lis. She’s lucky, I’d have beat her down and pulled her back to Monticello by her pretty blond hair. I looked to Armand who took my hand and kissed me softly.

“Let’s get home my love.” I shook my head, “I want to check on Zachary and his family first.” As we made our way to the farm I heard a whistle and a sickening thud. I looked to Armand to see an arrow stuck in his gut. I felt instant rage as he hit his knees. I then heard a female voice, “Kill the little red head Razele bitch.” A man came from the trees and it was on, I casted spell after spell, defending myself and performed magic I’ve not used in a long while. I invoked a blood magic spell Va’lis had taught me, I looked into him and found he was only a suped up halfbreed, good. His blood was mine now. As he swung a blade down on me I grabbed his arm and bear hugged him to me with all the strength Maharet had given me through her blood. My eyes turned black as I invoked blood boil on him. I felt his body tense and weaken. I heard his screams as my fangs extended and bit into him viciously. His blood was hot and so sweet. I felt an arrow wizz by my head so I quickly ignited myself and burnt the bastard to ash. As I looked back I saw my husband hit the ground. Several arrows in his body.

I didn’t hesitate to jump in front of him to take on the older vampire. She was well over 600 years old. Beautiful and talented with a bow, but I’ll be damned if she would kill me. I flung ball of fire after ball at her. A new energy overtook me. I managed to knock her back enough for Armand to rip the arrows from his body which let him attack her from behind knocking the bow from her hands. She flung him back against the tree and drew duel daggers and attacked me again. I fought hard, hand to hand, just as Va’lis taught me years ago. I took slashes until finally I saw my opportunity. My nails dug into her face, drawing blood and once again I invoked a blood magic spell, acidic touch, she screamed in pain as her face began to melt off. Armand lunged and bit into her neck, I did the same on the other side.  After a brief moment she flung us off, and stabbed my husband in the throat then ran. Oh fuck no, bitch was going no where. I threw up a hand and boiled her blood. She hit the ground hard, screaming and flailing until she went still, Armand lunged and with the bitches own dagger, stabbed through her dead heart into her spine. Her scream was hoarse as he stepped back and looked to me. I walked over just as he hit the ground, weak but alive.

I knelt by the woman and touched her hair, “Burn in hell,  soon that is where we will send your master David.” My hands burned as I lit her aflame. She turned to ash before our eyes. It was over. I collapsed beside my husband. We watched the bitch burn in silence. Oh boy was Val’is going to be pissed with me now…

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