Always the Favorite

newyorkWhy on earth is it that I am the one people come to when their lives fall into a hard spot? I was there when Marius lost his beloved daughter Saralyn. I was there for Pandora when she released her beloved Va’lis. I was the one to care for Marius’ lost childe, Mary. I brought her back to him; let them continue with what they had forgotten. And now here I sit in my pent house in New York with Marius, having a few drinks, well more then a few, that man can drink! Nearly all of my private stock is gone. Blasted ancients and their obsessive drinking problems. I listened to him pine over his beloved Wife and his Mistress, how they betrayed him, how he’s a failure with them..blah blah blah. The man is in hysterics.

He loves both women unconditionally. And so hurt at their betrayal; leave it to me to be the one to tell him, hey! It isn’t betrayal! Pandora rescued Mary from the darkness again, because he abandoned her there. AGAIN! I love Marius deeply, but he needs to sort out his anger problem. It took a week for me to make Marius calm down enough to return home. I left him in his house and found Mary, I explained to Pandora that he was calmed, and ready to be spoken to, and that I would take Mary back to earth and prepare more concerts, live her life more. Pandora readily agreed and let us leave that hour.

Mary was excited to be home in the Penthouse I had bought her years ago. She and I sat in our room and wrote songs, planned more concerts in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Tokyo, Germany. And everywhere else she wanted to go. I was more then happy to give it to her. I remembered to write to Louie and let him know that he could join us so he would not worry about me. I was glad when he appeared the next day at my side. I love my Louis; I wanted to share everything with him. Even Mary. I was even happier to know they had developed a close friendship with one another, it made things much easier.

In the time we were on Earth, we had done two concerts. In MadisonSquareGarden, and New Orleans. We stayed there in New Orleans longer because it was home. Mary enjoyed it there as much as I and Louis. Soon though, she would have to return and speak to Marius, but for now, she remains with Louie and me.

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