I sat in the studio listening to Mary pour her heart into a song for the millionth time since we’ve begun to sing together. A fool would see how down hearted she was about Jace’s death. Damn Marius and his not being able to keep away from the girl. Mary never stood a chance and now she blames herself for his death. I morn with her, the boy was good for her in a way. There is nothing we can do to change what has done, so now we remember him in the good times and move on.


I felt a sudden presence of a little girl that Merida and Armand were looking after, the girl that Mary had bonded with in music, Saphira. I smiled and spun around catching her in my arms before she could pounce on me as she would normally do to surprise me. I made her laugh and sat her on my lap so she could watch Mary.

“Uncle Lestat, why is Miss Mary so upset?” she had asked me. I sighed and explained to her. “She lost a very dear friend to her, and it hurts her a lot. But not to worry Angel, she will pull through it.” Saphira nodded her cute blonde head and watched. “I wish I could sing like her…” she said. I could only smile. I coached little Saphira for a while about music, how it comes from everything around her. But the most beautiful of all music comes straight from the heart.

As I held her I was reminded of another girl, many years ago. My Claudia. A pain shot into my heart and I held Saphira closer to me. I smiled as she snuggled her head against me and watched Mary pour her soul into the Piano. I realized I missed her more now then ever. I will be the first to admit, little girl’s always take my heart. I made it a point to spoil all of my Nieces. But, they aren’t Claudia. I fight hard to put her in the back of my mind. I offered to write Saphira a song, her eyes lit up brightly. I sat with her and wrote, I did not think, I just wrote. But in the end, the song came from my heart, a song to Claudia that Saphira would sing. I heard the girl sing before, and I knew it would be perfection. Call it my selfishness, but I had to direct my feelings into something…no?

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Paris, France – Oh Shi…

maryconcert2The concert was a success. Mary was bigger and louder then she has ever been, my pride in her knows no bounds. I saw my Louie in the private booth with Marius and Pandora, and Mary’s student boy, Jace. I watched his reactions to this lifestyle I live. Nervous, and a bit uneasy, but he did not leave. I knew we would be alright. I had yet to tell him, Mary and I had a full spread in Rolling Stones Magazine coming up very soon. I plan to “come out” to the world then.

Amy Lee of U.S. band Evanescence performs during a concert in Mexico city

At the end of the concert Mary began playing her newest song, “Lost in Paradise.” She had written that to Marius, her love for him runs deep and it pains her. I made a rash decision, and pulled out an instrument I had not played in some years, I figured, hey! Akasha’s on another world, she can’t hear me here, can she? Who the fuck cares, I’m doing it! I played Nicki’s violin along side Mary’s exquisite piano playing. We made quite the pair. The music took over us, we made love to it on that stage and by god did we ever get off on it. I made that baby scream for Mary, her keys whined for me. We felt the crowd bend and cry out for more. I wanted more!

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Always the Favorite

newyorkWhy on earth is it that I am the one people come to when their lives fall into a hard spot? I was there when Marius lost his beloved daughter Saralyn. I was there for Pandora when she released her beloved Va’lis. I was the one to care for Marius’ lost childe, Mary. I brought her back to him; let them continue with what they had forgotten. And now here I sit in my pent house in New York with Marius, having a few drinks, well more then a few, that man can drink! Nearly all of my private stock is gone. Blasted ancients and their obsessive drinking problems. I listened to him pine over his beloved Wife and his Mistress, how they betrayed him, how he’s a failure with them..blah blah blah. The man is in hysterics.

He loves both women unconditionally. And so hurt at their betrayal; leave it to me to be the one to tell him, hey! It isn’t betrayal! Pandora rescued Mary from the darkness again, because he abandoned her there. AGAIN! I love Marius deeply, but he needs to sort out his anger problem. It took a week for me to make Marius calm down enough to return home. I left him in his house and found Mary, I explained to Pandora that he was calmed, and ready to be spoken to, and that I would take Mary back to earth and prepare more concerts, live her life more. Pandora readily agreed and let us leave that hour.

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The Rock Star Life…

LestatHello again, remember me? I’m sure you do, how could one not remember The Vampire Lestat. I’ve wandered the world for over two centuries now and flourished everywhere I stepped foot in. I made my rock star debut in the 1980s and have been a vampire, acting like a mortal who is pretending to be a Vampire. A beautiful performance that was first thought of by my dear Nicki with The Vampire Theater, long ago in Paris.


At times I still think of him, what life with him could have been had Magnus not snatched me from our very bed and turned me into the monster that he was. In a way I loved my maker, and forever he will hold a place in my cold blackened heart, but I hate the monstrous bastard as well.

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