“Bedlam Stirs” Revamped and Refocused


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we’ve been reworking a lot of the Bedlam Stirs parts to better fit outside of EM’s direct involvement with the Ix Tab plot line as that was largely an RBG Theme storyline.

So log into our forums to read out the high level overview concerning “Bedlam Stirs” and how it will now become part of OvC Theme, incorporating the new “cross-guild” Cult of the Fallen.  Which also brings me to reminding you guys…

Any spare characters you have that wish to be added to Cult of the Fallen should be renamed or recreated to better suit the “BEDLAM” story (Read the UO Guide page on Bedlam).  Remember that these characters will need to be renamed often, as they ARE KILLABLE characters.  As such, we’re setting up a fund in the guild house that will collect all the gold from our new Friday night hunts to buy up “name change tokens” for folks that get their characters killed off as part of CotF.

Enjoy the fun!

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