The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 6

Zeeke leaped forward, fangs out towards Marius… she meant to drain him dry!  But a rush of wind was felt as Va’lis sprang forward dashing right into Zeeke’s path line.  Oh he wanted a piece of that bitch!  Probably more than anyone else in that hallway.  Realizing her mistake, Zeeke tried to abort but it was too late… she landed right on top of Va’lis sliding down the hall right along with him.  Va’lis quickly moved from under her and tried to flip himself over so he would be on top… Zeeke was weak, very weak!  Va’lis felt it!  He smirked, “I reckon I am going to enjoy this.” He tore at her throat.  Zeeke tried to fight him, but proved futile.

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Cinco de Mayo Block Party



All players, all styles, are welcomed to join the Block Party! Come dressed in your best more colorful outfit and sample the goodies that the Romanus Family will be cooking up — recipes from Earth, like Tacos and Nachos and Salsa!

Be prepared for a hunt into Bedlam as well! For which you must have done the ENTRANCE QUEST…
—> <—

So be sure to have that done! See you guys there. ;)

Actively Recruiting to Grow Our Community


The Children of Darkness guild is part of a very large community of online friends that play various games together — from MMO’s to Console Games to FPS’s to Online — called The Last Prophecy Community. We seek more folks with like-minded gaming interests that want to be part of something big. The community was founded in Ultima Online when a few of us started out as Beta testers in January of 1997. When the game launched, we first played on the shard known as “Eastern” which eventually became Atlantic. Once Atlantic was filled to capacity, we decided as a whole to move to Catskills on the first day that it opened in October of 1997. The name we took was “Children of Darkness”.

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Extended leave of absence… through 2012.

CoD, and the majority of its players, is taking a leave of absence from UO until the beginning of 2013.  Several factors chime into this decision.  One, most of the players that are playing WoW in addition to UO have seen updates to that game that are keeping them pushing for server first records and so on.  Secondly, my duties as GM of TLP have taken me deeper into the realm of Rift. We just did a server transfer to see if the game will be viable for us to stay in, if not we are returning to our previous games. UO will always be there, the community will always be the same, there are no worries about UO.

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Trade Center of Umbra Rocks the Profits!

What an exciting event tonight… we had the whole community come out to support each other!  Most of all we all had a LOT of FUN!!! Thought I’d share some of the screen shots that Bianca and I took throughout the night.  Looking to host another Market Day either next Monday or the following Monday, so stay tuned for announcements.  Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in full resolutions and enjoy!

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“Bedlam Stirs” Revamped and Refocused


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we’ve been reworking a lot of the Bedlam Stirs parts to better fit outside of EM’s direct involvement with the Ix Tab plot line as that was largely an RBG Theme storyline.

So log into our forums to read out the high level overview concerning “Bedlam Stirs” and how it will now become part of OvC Theme, incorporating the new “cross-guild” Cult of the Fallen.  Which also brings me to reminding you guys…

Any spare characters you have that wish to be added to Cult of the Fallen should be renamed or recreated to better suit the “BEDLAM” story (Read the UO Guide page on Bedlam).  Remember that these characters will need to be renamed often, as they ARE KILLABLE characters.  As such, we’re setting up a fund in the guild house that will collect all the gold from our new Friday night hunts to buy up “name change tokens” for folks that get their characters killed off as part of CotF.

Enjoy the fun!