Blood and Darkness

The water pressed in all around us as I was dragged through and under it.

Light, lost in the murky depths, barely illuminated our bodies as for many minutes or hours I was carried off. Barely conscious, my mind focused on Naomi and Venora and my sister. Trying, trying to keep their faces strong in mind. The loss of blood and trauma however had different ideas, and the darkness came upon me strong once again.

In the lightless realm, the dreams came strong and fast.

Mirroring what surely was to come, they were filled with torture and bloodshed. Knowledge stripped away until I was left as nothing. My family dead before me, their lifeless eyes staring at me. How I tried to reach out for them, but in the prison of my mind I was helpless to move. I could only take the torment.

Dreams come to an end thankfully, and I stirred awake within a small hut. They must not have seen me a threat however, for I noticed I was not bound. Merely slumped against a wall, I must have been discarded here. I stretched my fingers, taking mind of the two guards within three feet of myself. The larger one was the one I had been fighting what seemed like ages ago. His hand still pressed to his chest, I prayed the wound I dealt him was still bothering him.

I had to break free, I had to get home. They were the only thoughts in my mind as I forced myself into action.

My hand snagged a knife from the belt of the smaller one, as quick a thrust as I could and it was inside its owners throat. Blood poured from the wound and soaked us both before a fist sent me crashing through the thin wall. I heard the snap of a rib before I felt it, only slightly regretting my actions I turned my gaze up and felt my hopes drop.

It was not one opponent I now faced, It was five. They must have been just outside the entire time and now like wolves they circled me. I was on my knees before they got to me, not that it lasted long as one grabbed my head and twisted it.

The world again dark.

Hours passed again as I drifted in and out. Blades dragged across my body, needles taking my blood away. But only when I was awake. Only then would they take action against me having clearly waited and bided their time.

I could see it in their eyes, the sick pleasure they took from causing pain. I hoped my age would keep them from gaining anything from the blood. It would be the ultimate shame, to have the knowledge taken and used against the rest. Honor was everything to me, even in what I felt for certain were my final moments. It gave me a small sense of comfort that perhaps all this effort would be for nothing.

Darkness overtook me again.

Yet when I woke, no needles met my body. No new wounds graced my skin. Just a sound in the distance as my captors looked towards it. Just a sound of banging and judging by the look upon their faces… The vampires before me were not expecting company.

One rushed to grab me and I closed my eyes, too weak to fight against them. And this time, my eyes did not reopen for some time…

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