Blood Will Flow, Pt. 2

maharet-wildMarius and Cherry had finally gotten Armand back in line, but he was mighty pissed off and most especially pissed off with Marius… I’ve had about enough of this little quarrel. I squared off with Armand and set him straight. He was not going to jeopardize this mission. He was either going to fall in line or I would have Mekare keep him locked up with earth chains.

As we approached the front door, Marius had a brief chat with Lestat. Marius would be going with his other son, Va’lis and his granddaughter Cherry to retrieve the newborn. Futile and stupid if you asked me. “Make sure you keep him safe, Lestat. Get in there, get Astoria, and then leave our soldiers to the fight,” Marius instructed Lestat who walked with us now; Louis at his side. Lestat nodded and understood. There was a love between the two that transcends supernatural bonds, for they have none of those. Louis chimed in, “He’s in a dark place right now.” “Yes, and I won’t let him get lost to it I promise,” Lestat agreed.

When we got to the front doors we separated, killing off the guards quite easily. Some of them were mortals, others half-breeds. Khayman and I took to the sky. Armand and Lestat busted through the front doors and Marius, Cherry, and Va’lis took to the sewers. 

As Zeeke bit into Merida, Khayman and I landed on the roof of the tower where they stood. Khayman immobilized David, while I picked up Zeeke pitching Danielle over the side to land in the courtyard below. I gave Mekare the word and instantly the wind picked up around them and a bubble of water surrounded us all. I had used air to create an illusion around us that would shield them from mortals while Mekare had created a shield of water around the entire place.

Maharet: “So we have a little problem, dear sire-brother.”

David: “This is my domain Maharet, what gives you the right to come here and meddle in our business?”

Maharet: “What gave you the right to take my childe from Venice? Italy is not your domain.”

David: “That’s coven business. Not for you to defend.”

Maharet: “Ahh but you didn’t know that Merida is of my line did you? Well now you do. Release her at once and I’ll spare the life of your precious little wife.”

David: “So that’s what her power is? She’s like you, like your sister. Who I know isn’t too far.”

David looked up to the sky as the water shield around them rose to engulf them. I nodded in agreement.

Zeeke: “This old bitch better kill me because if she lets me go I will destroy her play thing and murder every one of those she protects.”

David: “Shut. Up. Zeeke!!!”

Maharet: “As you wish.”

David screamed while Khayman grinned. I lifted Zeeke up to face me and with fire eyes that matched that of Merida’s I lit Zeeke on fire.

David: “Noooooo!!! Take the red haired one, take her away! Leave my wife be!!! She does not know what she does!”

He squirmed in Khayman’s Mind Gift hold as Zeeke burned and screamed through the pain. I knew that with her age the burning wouldn’t kill her quickly. It would take time, time the others needed, time I was buying them. I looked to Merida, talking to her through our bond trying to rouse her awake. “Childe, rise with your last strength and come with me.” I whispered without saying a word.

The pain of the burns must’ve been excruciating by now, Zeeke had slowed her fight. She was now crying. Crying for David.

Maharet: “If you know anything, you know that if you continue your quest against the Romanus clan or the bloodlines they protect, that I will come back and finish… my… work.”

David: “Fine, yes yes I agree just let her go!!!”

I flung Zeeke to his feet and Khayman released the hold his Mind Gift had on David. He crawled over to Zeeke but she was still burning. Just then Merida summoned whatever little strength she had left to get up and walk dizzily over to me. I blew air in Zeeke’s direction in a gust of wind that put the fire out.

Quickly I took hold of Merida. Khayman was right there and caught Merida before she fell back to the ground. She was badly beaten and without having fed, she wasn’t healing well enough. Khayman rose up flying slightly above me with Merida firmly under his grasp. I used my Mind Gift to toss both David and the severely injured Zeeke off the tower landing them in the courtyard that by now had been rushed by Lestat and Armand’s legions and was filled with Romanus soldiers.

I joined my beloved husband and both of us flew back to the camp at Potter Park. Instantly and in a panicked rush, I ripped into my wrist and offered it to Merida after slightly and gently jolting her awake. Mekare stood firm chanting her shielding energies. Khayman took a soft rag and dipped it in alcohol and peroxide and started to carefully tend to Merida’s various wounds and gashes.

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