Blood Will Flow, Pt. 3

Entrance to the Tower of LondonLestat, Louis, and Armand bust through the front gates after taking out the outside guards. Maharet and Khayman had gone off to do rescue Merida. Armand was confident that Maharet would return his wife to him. As they come up to the courtyard they shoot down the guards now flooding the it; Draconian forces.  A combination of mortals and half-breeds, easily dispatched.  The vampires that would follow would not be so easy.

Just then they heard screams coming from the skies and see Danielle Draco falling to the ground; she straightens herself just in time to land on her feet with a loud thud. Lestat goes in for her and they face off… The Bratty Princess of the Draconians vs. the Brat Prince of the Romanus’; this should be interesting.

Armand goes straight to the door of the central tower to retrieve Astoria. He was determined for her to live through all of it. He was not going to leave without trying. Louis, knowing Lestat will overpower Danielle, follows Armand to keep an eye out for him as he had promised. Sword fight ensues amd Louis saves Armand’s ass. He’s just not thinking straight. Armand gives him a look but continues on slaying and shooting. Armand’s now using more of his fangs and claws at this point desperate to find Astoria. He notices Maharet and Khayman flying out with Merida in grasp headed to safety but he’s looked everywhere and can’t find Astoria.

Louis calls for him, in a room they find poor Helen’s body tossed on the ground. “Don’t leave her here,” he begs Louis to take her and bring her back to the camp. Louis argues not wanting to leave Armand alone. He agrees to call one of their Legionnaires to come get Helen’s body out. When he turns his back to call one of their men, Armand slips past to go at it alone. Louis turned back and Armand was gone. Louis searched and called out to him. nothing.

Amorth comes to Louis’ side, he tells Louis to keep searching for Armand and takes Helen’s body back towards the courtyard himself. The courtyard is bloody and keeping Lestat very busy. AsAamroth gets out there he catches Lestat in a down-out brawl against Danielle. Who will win here? The whole place is engulfed in a watery shield. Amroth starts shooting at her as he moved across the courtyard to front door. Not able to get Helen’s body out because of the shields, he carefully placed her near the front. Let’s see how Danielle does against a 1500 yr old vampire in addition to Lestat. She’s go not no where to run now.

Just as Amroth joins the fight, a sizzling smoking unconscious Zeeke is dropped from the sky with another thud and immediately another as David was also thrown down. David seems however more concerned with Zeeke than his own sister who is now calling for his help. Guess she’s not his favorite. However, it is Frank Draco that comes to his baby daughter’s assistance.

Armand ignored the calls to his name made by Louis and pressed on frantically searching the tower for Astoria. He found her locked in what seemed to be the main office. The scent of it all was familiar to him; Meri’s scent. She had been in there. Rushing to astoria’s side I knelt to rustle her conscious, “Astoria! Oh Astoria, what have they done to you?!?” she mumbled some words and I simply said, “I’ll save you!” and tucked her frail frame over my shoulder. Louis finally entered the office, “Armand!” “Help me get her out, Louis, I will not have her die in this place!” Louis nodded but first he would rummage through the office and retrieve several papers that seemed of importance as quickly as he could. “Come on louis, we’ve gotta get out of here!” Armand pressed. “Wait we could use this!” Louis stuffed papers in between his leather and undershirt and they made haste for the bottom of the tower.

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