Blood Will Flow, Pt. 7

marius-burn-it-downI heard that sound and I jumped behind Va’lis to catch him by his neck, I pulled him to me dropping him down to the ground covering him completely with my own weight. Cherry took a split second to turn her rage in the right direction, at Kirk. She flew through the air and using the butt of her gun struck him clear across his face knocking him flat on the floor. He almost immediately sprung back to feet only to be met with Cherry’s full hellfire vamp mode; fangs and claws out. “Oh you came to play,” Kirk taunted her. She was a fierce killer when she turns up. She stood up straight and threw her guns down, putting up her fists. She made a beckoning hand gesture,”Come get some.” Kirk chuckled and threw down his own guns. What ensued was one hell of a fist fight.

I managed to pull Va’lis up from the ground, remaining horizontal and moved with him back towards the back hall where I saw no one stood guard. I ripped into my wrist letting my blood flow into Va’lis lips. He shook awake now feeling the full pain of the shot that burned in his torso. He let out a muffled cry, “Fuck that hurts!” He winced, biting his lower lip. “Stay still, drink.” I whispered to him offering my wrist again. He took it and drank deep. As he did I ripped through the leather jerkin he wore trying to find the wound. He wasn’t going to like what I did next. Ripping a piece of the leather I stuffed it in his mouth taking back my wrist,”Bite down, trust me,” I said. He did so. I used my short dagger retrieved from my inner boot strap and cut into his stomach; I need to get that bullet out. Va’lis was in agony. I felt almost all his pain, like we were bonded but we’re not. I stuck my fingers in and dug that bullet out. I then ripped into my other wrist dripping my blood into the wound directly. The burning of the healing is so intense. I gripped his hand tight looking into his eyes as he kept biting that torn leather.  “Sssshhhh, it will pass son. Hang on!” I tried to soothe him.

Just then Cherry was knocked through the wall near us and the force of impact shook the foundation around us. She was in trouble! But Va’lis needed more of my blood. He scurried onto his ass holding his stomach spitting out that leather strip, “Get my wife!” He screamed. I knew, I absolutely knew that once I got involved in this fight I would be killing Kirk Draco that evening and the repercussions of that would be grave indeed. But I was left with no choice.

Cherry shook herself conscious and was turning around on the ground when I saw Kirk flying through the air. I leaped forward to meet him mid-flight. We collided and the force of my momentum knocked him down into the sewers nearby. Water went splashing everywhere and I could hear Va’lis calling to Cherry, she was badly hurt and beaten but she managed to crawl to him. “You want a piece of me old man? Kirk shouted at me as he stood back up. “Don’t mind if I do,” I said and we went at it. I would surprise him with my strength and power as I fed so often from Akasha. Hell at this point one could say he was the younger. I tore through him like a knife through butter repeatedly shocking the shit outta him which only made him bolder… and far more stupid. The kind of beating I was dishing out… anyone would have turned and walked away but he just kept coming at me. “At this point son you’re just embarrassing yourself,” I said with a crooked smile which only served to antagonize him more and more. The more he failed the easier it became for me.

Cherry got her wits about her and picked up her guns. She sheathed them back in her holster and picked up Va’lis to help him walk. She too could smell Carrie near. Va’lis was just barely able to walk, Cherry helped him and they bolted deeper into the dungeon. No guards were there, so they looked through all the cells and finally came to Carrie’s cell. She was a mess. And they noticed the smell of rotting corpses. Va’lis gazed upon his youngest and immediately knew the horror she had had to endure. His heart broke. He couldn’t even speak. “Carrie! Carrie my dear, please listen to me,” Cherry tried to talk to her as she fought to get the damn steel bar door open. Just then, Marius showed up drenched in blood and dirt and sewer water, “Allow me,” he said. Both Va’lis and Cherry stepped aside eyes locked on Marius in pure awe. He looked like a pure animal, a monster. It was shocking to both of them. He grabbed the steel bars and with only a slight struggle he tore the door from it hinges. Through all of it Carrie stared into the depths of that cell unable to remove her eyes from the dead body that laid there completely drained.  She tried to fight Cherry but Cherry simply wasn’t having any of it and just grabbed her. It was time to

I grabbed Va’lis to help him walk; he was still healing but stood a bit stronger. As we walked out of there pieces of body parts laid everywhere. Clearly Kirk was left in pieces. Cherry stopped a second and I walked ahead of her, “I know, I know.” And we made our way out to the courtyard where Frank Draco was fighting Amroth as Lestat was fighting Danielle but as soon as we turned the corner, Frank saw me and quickly managed to get Danielle and run off. They still feared me.

Armand came up behind us with Louis and he was carrying Astoria over his shoulder. He looked frantic and in a rush. I didn’t bother to ask. Amroth came and picked up poor Helen’s body carrying her home. I shouted to the others, “Burn it all down!” And then I headed for the front door with the rest of my family behind me. We would converge at Potter Park to assess our damages and losses.

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