Blood Will Flow, Pt. 6

Merida4~~~*** As Merida ***~~~

I heard Maharet voice, I was relieved. I got up at her command and fell into the arms of a man I’ve never met, but somehow knew…Khayman. I was safe now. But my worry for Carrie was there still, as was for Astoria, was she still alive? Was Armand going to her? My world dimmed as I felt Khayman lift me with flight gift and got me out of there. Maharet on his tail. Maharet fed me her blood and I felt my wounds being cleaned and tended to. I felt the love of something I’ve never felt before, parents? I was comforted and felt myself get stronger, my body anyway. I heard the gunshots and cries of those dying. I wept. I couldnt stop the tears and shaking.

I curled into the arms of that nearest me, Khayman. I felt safe, protected. Maharet stroking my hair. I would heal, but my mind was gone. I just wanted to die, I could have prevented this, or so I told myself. How could I live after so much death and dispare had gone on when j could have just give up sooner? Armand…Va’lis… please let them come back alive. I couldnt survive without either of them. My husband, my heart and soul, my lover, my dark angel. Va’ sire, my father, my teacher… please come back. For now I lay in Khayman’s arms and cry.

~~~*** As Astoria ***~~~

I could hear the battle, I felt cold. On one side I felt the hand of the child that comforted me, the other of my beloved spirit Taranis. The spirit that attatched himself to me. I loved him dearly, if I died it would leave him to wander once more In the Astral plane between worlds once more. I held on. I could not call out to tell them where I was, I had to hope someone would find me. Finally, the door burst open. Armand! It was my dear friend Armand! The spirit of the boy Eric moved as Armand dropped to my side and held me in his arms. He could not see either spirit. “Astoria! Oh beautiful Astoria what have they done…I will kill them all!” I croaked out in a weak voice..” ..came.. f-” I coughed and struggled to breath. “Astoria please. ..let me save you…” I knew what he meant..he wanted to turn me. What were my choices? Die…or die and be reborn. I mouthed to him the word…’yes’…before tasting the sweet iron liquid of life on my tongue.


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