A Lover’s Dance

I am excited to announce the up and coming “Lover’s Dance” being held in Umbra on Sunday Feb. 13th at 8 PM EST to honor Valentine’s Day. We’re making it a night early to be able to give folks a chance to enjoy an in game event without overstepping the real life event. 🙂

The following prizes will be given out to couples that join us and CoD members will do the judging in each category…

Best Dressed Couple — 100,000 gold.
Best Rehearsed Couple’s Dance — 500,000 gold.
Best Lover’s Poem — 25,000 gold.

Best Rehearsed Couple’s Dance is actually quite difficult to do and takes a lot of practice. So you and your partner must practice!!! The dance must be a coordinated step dance, where the two of you execute the same steps in unison. The best execution with the least mistakes wins!

Best Dressed Couple will be awarded at the end of the night. Each couple will have a screen shot taken that will then be featured on UO Stratics, Catskills section.

Poems must be submitted in a “red leafed book” (sealed) to us at our Trade Center, no later than Saturday before MIDNIGHT!!! The winning poems will be selected and then you will be called to the podium to recite them for your loved one, so keep a copy handy.

We will see you there!