Love Drunk

tumblr_mpjzngdrmK1syqnvro1_500Just as I thought, Papa wasn’t very impressed with my costume for the ball, but having kept it secret from him until the last minute meant I was able to wear my new dress! I felt like a real princess when I arrived and got to kiss my frog prince. The way Zach stared at me as we danced was thrilling, and his touch was intoxicating. We kissed and I forgot everything else… I wanted more.

Eventually he led me away from the party, and to the largest ship I have ever seen. We boarded, and in no time we were sailing along the coast. It. Was. Breathtaking. The water was still and smooth as glass, reflecting the clear skies and making it seem as though we were sailing through the infinite stars… It was magical. Just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly love Zach more than I already do, he comes up with something that makes me fall for him all over again. 

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Cinco de Mayo Block Party



All players, all styles, are welcomed to join the Block Party! Come dressed in your best more colorful outfit and sample the goodies that the Romanus Family will be cooking up — recipes from Earth, like Tacos and Nachos and Salsa!

Be prepared for a hunt into Bedlam as well! For which you must have done the ENTRANCE QUEST…
—> <—

So be sure to have that done! See you guys there. ;)

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, 2014

st-patrick-dayYes, we realize its a day early but to make way for the PvP Tournament and RBG Initiations happening on the 17th, we’re holding it one day earlier. So come dressed in your best “GREEN” and be sure to bring your luck with you!

WHERE: The Bloody Brew Tavern at the Lair
WHEN: Sunday, March 16th, @ 9 PM EST

– Dart Shooter’s Contest
– Best of 5 Attempts
– First Place Prize: 10 million gold
– Second Place Prize: 1 million gold
– Third Place Prize: 100,000 gold

We hope to see you there!

~ Sue.

Armand’s Birthday

Click for full view.Being that only a few of us actually remember their birthdays, I have always been a stickler for celebrating Armand’s birthday.  Some years I forget, which he doesn’t seem to mind, but most of the years of our eternity together I have been keen to remember. We kind of see it as a celebration for all of us. We usually celebrate it in varying ways every year… sometimes its a big blow out, sometimes its just the two of us chatting and laughing in one of our many properties.

This year I decided, since Merida is now going to be part of our family,  that we should throw a big party for all the vampires of the region and have it at Armand’s newly built home here in Sosaria, Villa Vizcaya.  I know that he and Merida have been hard at work getting the home together, getting it ready for visitors. Armand painstakingly worked with Amroth to design a home with Merida, and maybe a little bit of me, in mind. Merida’s passion lies in her gardening, mine in my eye for fashion.  Both were incorporated nicely into the home.  Merida has her own office where she can quietly work on her lesson plans and grade papers without much interruptions and I have my own personal design studio for all my fashions which now include women’s wear in addition to children’s wear.  As a gift, Merida went out and bought all new painting easels, brushes, paints, canvases, and art supplies and set Armand up his very own painter’s studio on the balcony. We’re both hoping it inspires him to return to the art he so loved, so long ago.

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