CoD is Openly Recruiting

Thanks for visiting our website!  We’re currently looking to recruit new members to join our old guild for some interesting role play.  We’re seeking characters that can be active and engage in role playing events that range from champion spawns to dungeon crawls to clan spats to full out themed wars, offering a wide range of participation in all facets of the game.

We’re also working on bringing back the very popular, Vamp’s Lair, an entire city offering various fun buildings.  Although it is not a full city yet,  we hope some of our new members help us in making it flourish. Vamp’s Lair will host a tower mall, a church, a tavern, a graveyard, and a nightclub, in addition to our guild’s main headquarters. Any participating member of the game can open up shop there, as long as they keep their shops stocked and are active players.

If you would like more information, please email me at or you can ICQ me at 608083009. 🙂

Hope to see you in green soon!

We’rrree baaack!

Welcome to the new home page for the Children of Darkness, a Catskills based evil role playing themed guild in one of the first MMO’s, Ultima Online.

After being away for a while, dormantly waiting. We’ve decided to re-establish ourselves and reopen our widely-accepted and extremely active city, Vamp’s Lair.

In the coming weeks, we will flesh out our buildings and decor,  then we will open it to guilds that wish to join in on the RP fun!