Guild Meeting 11/19, 7 PM EST


Please join us at 7 PM EST on November 19th in our Guild Tower at Vamp’s Lair, 3rd Floor.  We will be discussing the following:

– Vendor placements at the Trade Center; who & what.
– PvM Events Schedule; getting something going weekly.
– Working OvC storylines; Empath Abbey in Yew.
– Quest of Damned Series updates; what’s happening with Bedlam Stirs.
– Our Town Banner; ideas, suggestions, designs?

Meeting is required, if RL allows.


The Vampire Lounge Hosts Comedy Night With Great Success

Laughs, smiles, and good energy were the order of the night for Comedy Night at Vamp’s Lair’s premier nightclub, the Vampire Lounge.  Gates were magically placed allowing visitors from Luna and Britain to easily access. Soon the guests took their chair and the lights dimmed as the stage lit up.  The jokes starting to pour out…

This is the photo album from that night.  Be sure to join us next month for more social events at Vamp’s Lair and Umbra.

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Vamp’s Lair Grand Opening Set for July 4th, 10 PM EST

We have been working terribly hard, and digging deep in our pockets, for the past few months on recreating the city that many old timers recognize as Vamp’s Lair.  A vampire city made exclusively for the intermingling of all role playing types — vampire, human, or otherwise — Vamp’s Lair will host numerous events every single week with special events throughout the year for all citizens of Sosaria.

Now its time to show off what we’ve done so far, and hopefully continue to add to it as we go along. 

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A New Kind of Storytelling?

The campfire was lit, and all around us mortals sat to listen to Lord Nathael tell the tale of “Tobias and Razzle”.  He stood in the center and as he flipped open the book, he began…

All in attendance, which included a few known pale skins, silenced as Nathael spoke.  I turned to see that the great Rameses was in attendance and he nodded to acknowledge me. A beauty stood at his side, Lauranna was her name, also a pale skin.  Rameses introduced her as his beloved.  As I looked around the room I saw the familiar faces of many mortal whom had come to the defense of Red Skull Bay.  I had taken some blows for some of these mortals, interesting enough.  One name I had been searching for was Va’lis, but I did not see him in attendance.  Someone mentioned that he had presented himself but had an urgent calling that took his attention elsewhere.  But those in my coven started to show…  Damien and Pierceton… and soon there were just as many vampires as there were mortals.  A pretty odd occurrence for the mortals.

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Pleb’s Return to Britain

From the Children of Darkness, Pleb, Weilder of Pain; Vampire:

Pleb hadn’t been in Britain much recently, having journeyed to the island states to learn of its histories and traditions. But was back now at the bidding of his recently returned Dark Queen.

Pleb robe through the streets of Britain, summoned by the Dark Queen he had long thought lost to Sosaria.

He was travelling to a meeting at the Counsellor’s Meeting Hall to hear Lord Kasaven speak to the masses about a new dread menace that was threatening the whole world.

Upon arriving at the hall he dismounted and entered to see a large crowd jostling for space in the cramp building. Spotting a familiar sight not seen for many a year, he pushed his way through to stand by Pandora.

“Hail Dark Lady, tis an honour to serve at your side again” then a little quieter added “Even if it is at the side of the living”.

After pleasantries were exchanged Pleb sat down next to Pandora and waited for the Arrival of Kasaven who was expected to arrive shortly to start this unusual meeting.

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Vamp’s Lair Vendor Spots Available

Guys, please let me know if you would like to place your vendors at Vamp’s Lair. Currently there will be FOUR buildings available at our city with various themes behind them. We have some folks already with reserved spots, please respond to this thread OR ICQ ME at 608083009 (make sure to introduce yourself please in your add request) and let us know to reserve a spot for you!

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