A Knock on the Door

brelynnWiping away a tear, the girl climbed upon her horse and said the magical words meant to transport her from one location to another. She really didn’t care which rune… she just had to get away. As luck would have it, she found herself looking eye to eye with one of the largest dragons she had ever laid eyes on and a smile crossed her face.

“Pandryl!!” she exclaimed as she threw her arms around his neck, lifting herself off of her trusty nightmare. Pandryl, her protector and best friend was always there when she was in need. She could not think of a time he had let her down since her Uncle Mystic had bestowed upon her one of his favorite beasts. And this time, true to fashion, he would not let her down either. Sensing her deep sadness, the dragon tried his best to comfort the girl and it was not long before she drifted off into a slumber under his close eye while murmuring the words “time” under her breath.

She dreamt of happier times, of growing up under the watchful eye of so many aunts and uncles and one could not forget her adoring parents. Her sister and she could do no wrong, and even when it seemed they were in trouble, they knew just how to get out of it. She remembered dancing in the rain for hours on end and the enormous joy she received from taming her first animal. She also remembered the way his eyes locked with hers the moment she gave herself to him fully.

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