Retreating Our Aid

My beloved,

How I wish I could be there with you, I miss you terribly. I still urge you to reconsider leaving me and Bianca behind, but I understand why it was done.

A situation has arisen whilst you deal with the Draconians back in our world that I must tell you about.  I am effectively relinquishing our leases in South Jhelom as we will not be subjected to the extortion that the newly elected “governor” wishes to put us through.

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Request for Aid

parchment-letterI arrived at my office this morning to a letter that had been delivered via the Britannian Post.  I recognized the seal on it to be that of the official Crown Seal for the Royal Guard.  I opened it immediately.

I saw that it was from an old friend, Kalmar Erikkson. The Captain had been for the better part of a year nursing his leg wounds from Pirate Hawkeye Pike’s attack, as such he has resigned from his post.  It seems, now almost fully healed, he was back at the head of the Umbra regiment.

He needed my help.

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An Unwanted Interruption

Ix-Tab1The night was beautifully filled with bright stars,  not a cloud in sight.  Even the heavens must of known the Queen would travel to Umbra for this great gathering.  Our friend Jonas Callahan had dutifully written his speech and with the assistance of Marius had finished it.  He didn’t want it to be too obvious that he was now one of our kind, so Marius helped him adjust his words.

I had spoken myself the eve’ before with Capt. Erikkson in regards to any additional security that may be needed, as our coven is closely tied to Umbra and service as its protectorate.  He assured me no additional presence would be needed, so most of our coven opted to forgo the event entirely, leaving only myself and a few other Kindred in attendance. Marius was actually excited to have such an even within the walls of Umbra.  Of course, we all know how cultured he is and this was just the opportunity he had wanted to dust off his favorite tuxedo and of course have me on his arm.  To escort me to a ball or gala was his favorite mortal pass time.

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