Copies Delivered

parchmentpaperSitting in Natasha’s office, waiting for her to finish with whomever she may have in her study, I was reading a copy of the Daily Britain. Seems that city has been very quiet as of late. New Monarch seems to be doing well… ooo I see a new spa coming up in Britain I might want to go visit. Wonder if they keep night time hours? I so desperately need a pedicure!

Nadine, Natasha’s assistant, ushers me into her office.

“Well, hello there Cherry, please have a seat,” Natasha says with a smile on her face.  She’s always been the cheerful type. “Thanks! I am loving the new office décor here, Tash,” I say looking around. She must have remodeled her office not too long ago. “Yes, well you would recognize the craftsmanship as I did hire your sister.” I grin, of course I do. Jade’s quite the master.

“What can I do you for?” Natasha asks me as she settles into her own chair behind the stone-topped desk. As I look around the room, there are many bookshelves filled with all kinds of books and references. I pull out the documents that I found in the Fan Dancer’s Dojo, present it to her. “I need copies of this made, at Marius’ request.” I push the envelope containing the note itself over to her. She opens it.

“Hmmm, I can’t say I have seen this type of writing before.  I looks pretty weathered, but I am confident my office can duplicate it.” She says as she picks it up and leans back in her chair to examine it some more. “I need this to be discreetly handled by you, and you alone, Tash,” I say with a look of importance on my face. “I see. I understand,” she says pausing a moment to study my face before she returns to the parchment in her hands.

“If I had to guess, I would guess its not from Sosaria,” she says. I raise an eyebrow to her, “Is that so?” “Yes, I am well versed in the historical languages of this realm, more so than those of our own land Earth. I’ve not seen anything remotely similar to this. Does Marius want us to investigate?” I looked up at her, “Not yet. Just copies. Like I said, discretion please.  I am to give the originals to Isonu, since he is from the islands we figured he could head up the search for the origin of it all.” A short pause and sigh came from Natasha, Lady of Kingsley Manor. I could tell she felt challenged, inquisitive.

“When can I pick up the original?” I queried. “Tomorrow’s moon,” she said, “and I will be as discrete as ever.” “Very well, any copies you hold need to be placed directly in Marius’ hands.” I said sternly.

“Will do,” she said without taking her eyes off the parchment. I rose from my seat, and then she looked up at me. “Tell your sister I said hello,” she smiled. I nodded at her and left her to her business.


The next day, Marius had sent a memo to me asking me to seek Isonu and deliver the original note to him personally. He would have Isonu research and try to decrypt the language.

I met with Isonu at the tavern and I asked Edwin to lock the doors for me. This needed to be a private conversation. When I handed him the note, he didn’t see anything he could recognize from it.  As I told him of the run that Harvey and I had, he told me he was familiar with some of the encounters we had, especially the ninjas that we encountered.

He took the note with him and will be reporting to Marius with any findings in a few moons.

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