The Shadow Sextant

F9025 001The Shadow Sextant’s origins land it square in the heart of the Orient, back on Earth. The properties of it are as of yet unknown there. But here is Sosaria, the materials are easily recognizable as shadow ore. The ore will glow a shadowy hue whenever Balrons are present.  Of course in our land, this magical property never comes to fruition as the underworld that lies beneath is yet to be discovered by mere mortals. Sosaria is a different place, and here the presence of Balrons are quite the norm whenever we’re digging around the depths of the dark dungeons or places that lie all across it.

I had a feeling this would come in handy to my dear Cherry as she traveled into the unknown lands of Tokuno in her latest charge to recover any and all clues to Va’lis’ fascination with the place.

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