Forensic Report on Subject #VL277

brain-tissue-samplesCherry Spy and Kagome’s find in the Blood Dungeon while they looked for the whereabouts of the so-called others was dropped off at my office for extensive detail. The request coming from our sovereign, Marius de Romanus, I put myself to quick work.

My initial suspicions were correct, the body was indeed that of a half-breed. Half-vampire, half-human.  Looked to be a white female in her mid-thirties, auburn hair and green eyes. The body showed signs that it had been beaten, tortured. My initial conclusion to the cause of death had been blunt force trauma to the back of the head.  I put the time of death at 3 days ago, somewhere between 1 and 2 in the morning.

I took samples of brain tissue for closer study. The unique markings on the fragments of tissue point to evidence of magical enchantment. Whoever this person was, they were under a powerful mind-control spell. In comparison to the brain tissue samples that were sent to me from Earth after the raid on the Palisades Compound prove to be almost a 99% match. It is in fact the same type of spell, casted by the same or similarly trained person.

This report I will hand-deliver to Marius myself. I have a feeling that whoever is behind this has deep ties to the one called Va’lis Razele. The others are of his bloodline. One can only deduce that these others are now working alongside the ancients and band of half-breeds that took Pandora.


– Vandion,

Doctor of Forensic Science

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