The Resurrection of Va’lis Razele

resurrectionWell it has come to this.

I am afraid of what the future will hold for our kind and our anonymity should this get out. However, it is a risk I am willing to take.

After Vandion revealed to us that the body found in the Blood Dungeon as we searched for clues to the whereabouts of the others was a half-breed with clear signs of mind-control magic, it quickly came together for all of us.  These other progeny of Va’lis are now working with the ancients that took Pandora. Somehow, their focus has changed from acquisition of the Divine Parents to whatever information these rogue vampires gave them… something of more definite power.  Isonu says it could only mean one thing: The Blackrock Sword.

This makes sense. With Akasha and Enkil it’s a guessing game for them; the chance that they do not respond to them or wish to do their bidding. But since they could not simply kill them, for fear that we all die, then it would mean the burden of caring for them. The Blackrock Sword is much more definitive, easier to evoke. It would just be a question of learning how. No difficulties in that.

When Isonu told me of his attack, he mentioned that it seemed they were short one. These others were down to 3, but where was the fourth.  It hit me just then, Davian Pasteur. The self-proclaimed apprentice we had captured and now held on Night Island back on Earth, hadn’t been an apprentice of theirs — he was one of them.  I immediately ordered the extradition of Davian Pasteur back to Sosaria to be held at Vamp’s Lair.  I tried to remember the memories that I had taken from his blood…  a few descriptions came forth from that. Isonu confirmed the descriptions I gave were similar to the two that had attacked him. Then I remembered three names… Venser, Tezzeret, Sarkhan.

I now know that this cannot be done without another, powerful vampire. One that has sustainable resistance or immunity to Blackrock Poisoning. Isonu is immune and I am, due to my age, resistant.  I am able to heal from it before it has any effect.  If Pandora was here, we’d be in better shape for it. Alas, the only option would be to resurrect the creator of all this mess himself…

Va’lis Razele.

I know his bond to Pandora is strong and I know that I must appeal to him through it. But I also know what evils he has done, and how much he longs for power.  Could he be trusted to carry out this mission?  What would it cost us? I am certain he would ask for the sword back, but I will not just hand him this relic. For one, we are not sure that the effects of it wouldn’t reapply to Va’lis, he is after all younger than us ancients and had already nearly died from it. Secondly, how am I guaranteed that he will not use it as he had in the past? Wickedness is not something we tend to promote here.

Isonu seems to think this is the best way to defend our lands against this indomitable threat… a band of Va’lis clones, a wicked sect of ancient vampires, with the power to create an army of half-breeds to fight for them?  Yes, I’d say its cause for grave concern.  Lestat suggested we ask one of our Wiccans, Astoria, to do the work.  She agreed.  She assures us that she can bring him back whole, as long as his body is whole.  I told her, he’s in parts.  She asked if the parts were kept together to which I answered yes at the request of my beloved, Pandora.

Va’lis’ funeral was rich in tradition and Pandora spared no expense, although few actually showed.  He wasn’t going to be missed by many.  Pandora had a special coffin made just for him made of the finest woods and materials.  Dark mahogany wood painted in inlaid ebony paint, diamonds encrusted platinum gold throughout… the description reads: Va’lis Razele, Misunderstood But Not Less Loved. 1459 AD – 2011 AD.

In attendance at the resurrection, there was of course Miss Astoria, Isonu, his blood sister, the vampire Merida, Amroth, Cherry Spy, and Harvey Daniels.  I had asked Cherry to bring Harvey and their dragons, just in case they are needed. Of course any excuse I could give Cherry to send Va’lis back to the grave… well she’d jump on that. I knew Astoria would be in danger, as the only human there. I had hoped we could avert any real damage by Va’lis on the vehicle that would do the deed.  Once he arose, my fears came to fruition as he lunged at Astoria.  Cherry was quick to paralyze him, but I had to remove his death grip on the petite human. As he landed across the room, his progeny Merida ran to him crying in glee. He sunk his fangs on her. Isonu didn’t need to give any of his blood as I had instructed; a good thing.  I am not sure Isonu feels indebted to Va’lis as much as perhaps he had been, but he is his maker none the less. He managed to gather his old armor for him, handed it to him.  Merida’s blood made him feel whole again. And then I found my turn to speak.

I offered Va’lis a small token of my appreciation… a gift.  He smiled at me and said, “I do love gifts.”


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