Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 10

tower-of-london-white-towerDavid carried a small, long chest with him as he entered the room holding Merida. Smiling without humor, he nodded to her as means of greeting while he circled her prison once. Eyes, alight with cruel intentions never broke away from hers. He radiated malice and with barely a sound he placed the chest upon the table in the room.

Finally, minutes later, he broke the silence.

“Good evening Merida, I trust you’ve enjoyed your stay with us thus far?”

Her sneer somehow suited her, it reflected the duality of her nature. Two sides of a coin. The proper, well off Baroness. And the savage terror that slumbered just beneath the surface, ready to surface at a moments notice. He was counting on that savage portion. He needed the rage. Rage could be beaten into submission, forced to reveal all.

Rage, gave way to mistakes.

“What do you want? More…” She spit at his feet, “More attempts at interrogation?”

He laughed, a sound so alien to his appearance it seemed to her.

“Not quite. Nothing so straight forward” He motioned the chest, that damn smile flashing again. “I brought you a gift, to remind you of home.”

She paused, eyes flickered to the chest. A flash of worry, of suspicion. “What is it?”

David pulled a stool over, spinning it and sitting down lightly before her as he opened the chest. “Gifts, all for you.” And with that he pulled out a katana, held within an ornate sheath of mahogany etched with the form of a dragon coiled around a lotus blossom. Obsidian and jade made up the scales, pearls made up the lotus. With sapphires set within the lotus itself, Merida instantly recognized the insignia.

The Minamoto Clan of Tokuno.

One she had ties to, in the form of Isonu.

The coiled beast within her stirred, she could feel its grip upon her wrath begin to loosen. The serpent rising, building that red rage behind her eyes. Threaten her all you want. But never, bring her family into it.

David’s eyes locked back upon her. “Beautiful is it not? Danielle slipped this out for me. I think I may let her have it, as a reward for her work. Apparently she had quite the issue in not driving a knife into the boys back, or the girl who was with him. But she managed somehow.”

Those words from his vile mouth caused her eyes to begin flashing with the flames of her soul, Isonu would not last a moment against these monsters. He was too young, too noble and honest. Her grip on the bars tightened, a feral growl emanating from her throat.

And David’s smile grew. He sensed her losing control, soon he’d have her spilling all secrets for the safety of those she loved. Human emotions, chaining her back. She would not be in this situation perhaps if she would have but accepted her true lot in life.

“Zeeke” He called out behind him, “Bring in our “guests” won’t you?” He looked back to Merida, “We have some people who are just dying to meet you.”

Nearly dancing her way into the room with steps lighter than air, Zeeke dragged in Helen… The woman who watched over her children…And Astoria. Both women limp and weak, blood staining the witch’s throat. The burning fury was building into a crescendo David noted, she just needed another…push.

“Deal with the lesser one my love,” he did not even look back at Zeeke, his game with Merida nearly over. “Give Merida a good show though, we cannot have dull guests.”

A savage grin and Zeeke needed no further convincing, tearing into Helen with reckless abandon. Some blood hit David’s jacket and he brushed it off. Zeeke was always a messy eater, and normally the staining of a suit might cause him some annoyance. But not tonight. Not right now.

With the sound of blood dripping steadily to the floor, Zeeke not even bothering to feed at this point so lost in the blood was she. David grabbed into the box one last time. He looked long and hard at Merida, savoring this moment.

“You would not tell me before, but I wonder if you will tell me to save the swordsman… his plaything… that one even,” as he thumbed back at Astoria who was being taken back out, “Or if you won’t…” He swept out the two last items, a blanket and stuffed dragon with a flourish…The blanket, belonged to her son … the dragon belonged to to her daughter. “Will it take me threatening to destroy your children to get the information I want?”

A rush hit him and he closed his eyes, he loved when things worked out just right. His eyes opened just as the dam shattered from the stress, and Merida’s mind snapped while releasing all the anger and hatred she held. Her family, her children…especially her children… these fuckers would burn.

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