Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 11

merida_douglas_portraitI remained calm in my small inadequate prison. 24 hours..a few hours have passed now I know. I could feel him coming. David. He was such a bore. A handsome one..but a bore none the less. He presented “gifts” to me. My brothers sword, that both pissed me off and scared the shit out of me. My beloved Isonu… he was so young… helpless against them. Venora. Poor Venora she was still newborn! And my little niece… Naomi. No I cannot let this happen. I felt rage when seeing Helen and Astoria. I watched zeeke brutally murder Helen. They took Astoria away. No, I can’t let her be harmed. She was family. We loved her. At the sight of my children’s belongings I shattered. No, not my children.

Fire raged in me, my hair sparked with life, eyes became the flame of hell. I screamed. In sheer rage and pain I screamed. I allowed myself to completely lose my shit. I had no choice. He would kill them all. Va’lis forgive me, I have no choice.  Should I give in?… no… not yet. There is hope. 24 hours…when Maharet comes for me I will not leave my family out of sight. That is if I can survive it myself. Va’lis has put me through hell. Made me strong. Prepared me for anythjng, I have to endure. Let them try and take my blood…someone will die tonight. But it will not be of my kin.

I finally stopped raging long enough to think. I could not burn the place down with Carrie and Astoria in it. I sat with my back to the bars and thought hard. I needed a plan. I’ve been in worse situations before I could survive this. I yelled at myself ..get a grip Meri! Marius and Pandora love Isonu..they wouldn’t allow harm come to him. My children are safe wherever they are. I needed to hold on. Keep a cool face and pray to whatever God was listening that Astoria would live.

My dear beautiful friend. That my husband and I share equal love for. I close my eyes and call out to Maharet. I pleaded to her..”Maharet, Mother! Please I beg you. Do not burn this place yet. My sister…and my beloved friend are both here. Astoria means the world to armand and I. Let them be spared.” I pray that she heard me. Tears of blood soaked my face. I make a vow that before this is through I will take one of these milinium bastards out before they touch another of my kin.

The hours are almost up. I know David will return to question me once more. I needed to give him somethjng, buy my time before I was rescued. What meaningless spell could I share with him that won’t betray my line, oh if only I could use the magic in this world. I would use blood boil on David myself and watch his blood leak from his eyes and ears. Blood boil, a favorite I have, or perhaps the acidic touch I perfected. Yes..he won’t learn all the secrets but just enough to buy time and protect my family. Forgive me sire, but your grandchildrens lives are on the line. Your son. Your daughters. I have no choice.


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