Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 3



I’ve always been a hot headed woman, even growing up in the darkness that is Wind with my mentor, and father, Val’is. When it came to the situation of my new sire sister being kidnapped by the Draco’s, it was no different. I felt rage in the pit of my stomach. No one screwed with my bloodline. Just because I bonded to my fire mother, Maharet, didn’t mean I forgot where I came from. Or who my family was.

I called Astoria to watch over my darling children. I then found my armor in a bottom drawer, then set out to meet Armand and Val’is before they left to find Carrie. Needless to say I was met with resistance. After about an hour of arguing and fighting I begrudgingly gave up. But not before glaring at my husband with a promise of no intimate time with me for a century.

Still in my armor I dived into the waters of Venice to aleviate my anger without harming the people or anything. I let the rage take me. Needless to say the water got a bit overly hot for a while. I came to the surface and swam to shore, a surprise awaited me with an open hand. White blonde hair, bright eyes and a curved bow smile.  Her hand was perfect as was the rest of her body. She smelled of old blood, a Draco. If my heart still moved it sure would have stopped then and there.

There was two others. Same as her. I knew one of two things would happen, either I would die in that place or they would take me with them. And let me tell you one thing, Merida Ann Douglas Razele de Romanus does NOT give up without a fight. So fight I did. I shot out the water, fire blazing out of me. A small look of surprise entered their eyes but it didn’t stop them from attacking me. I held them off for a time. But I was too weak. A strong male hand grabbed me and slammed a fist to my temple. My world went dark.

When I came too I was in a dark place. A tower, tossed over a broad shoulder. Immidiately I began to struggle. No one was allowed to man handle me that way…maybe except for my husband…but still!  I’m a fucking baroness! I was tossed into a cell and the door slammed shut. I screamed profanity and began to light aflame. I threatened to light the place on fire, until I heard screaming coming from the cell across from me. Carrie. It was my dear sire sister. I Immidiately reeled in my flame. I couldn’t destroy her! I ran to the door to see if I could see her through the barred cell door and tried to calm her down with my voice. I had to think logically. I was Val’is oldest living childe. I know his magic. That’s what they are after. But little did they know what hell they will have to go through to get it out of me.  I am bonded to Maharet.  She will know I am in damger. I smile at that. I can’t wait to see her unleash chaos upon the Draconian clan. So I patiently sit and continue to soothe my panic-striken sister. I comfort her as I should have always done since her arrival to our family. I calm her as best I could and distract her with stories and love that she deserved. After all, her worry was more for my skin than her own.  She has a sweet soul.

I wait, I forge up walls in my mind. Conjour the strength I need to keep these bastards at bay long enough until my family comes for us…..

I wait…

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