Can never catch a Break!

I knew it was risky, but I had obligations in Wind I could not bypass tonight. I donned my newly repaired armor and headed out to the Caverns I spent my entire life in. I quickly met with the Professors and made sure I had everything lined up accordingly. I knew I would not return until after the threat against my family had ended. I said my goodbyes, bid my students farewell and walked around for a while. I found the apartment I spent most of my childhood and vampire life in. the apartment that Va’lis and I had shared for so long. I smiled at the memories, because even though a lot of it was bad, there was always the good to remember.

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Hell fire and Brimstone

Three days, Armand and I searched for that little whore for three fucking days! Until finally Ana sent be word through our Razele blood that Krystalee was safe and hidden by Va’lis. She’s lucky, I’d have beat her down and pulled her back to Monticello by her pretty blond hair. I looked to Armand who took my hand and kissed me softly.

“Let’s get home my love.” I shook my head, “I want to check on Zachary and his family first.” As we made our way to the farm I heard a whistle and a sickening thud. I looked to Armand to see an arrow stuck in his gut. I felt instant rage as he hit his knees. I then heard a female voice, “Kill the little red head Razele bitch.”

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 21

merida-looking-at-chancellorsOn the way back to the others I caught carrie in a tight hug. “Be strong sister, I’m with you, do us proud.” I kissed her cheek and watched her go to the stand to take her place. As I entered the room with the others I Immidiately hugged Va’lis. I hate the man sometimes but when I’m strong for too long I need my sire’s arms. I then sat with Pandora and hugged her. “I hope what I said was enough.” Her smile told me I did them proud. That was enough for me, The door to the box opened to reveal Maharet. I jumped into her arms immidiately, feeling her comfort. “You did well. David and Natasha have called a comfirment. Something is up their sleeves.” I looked to her and tilted my head. “What could it be?” Maharet shook her head, ” another witness perhaps.” I glanced at Va’lis for a moment and thought…well…this could go two ways.

The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 18

merida-portrait3I smirked as my name was called, at least they said my married name this time. I stood and hugged Carrie, “Stay strong, don’t let them see fear.” I turned to valis and was surprised with a fatherly hug. “Don’t worry old man, I won’t burn the place down. Take care of Carrie.” I kissed his cheek and walked to the stand. I would sit as calm and poised as a Baroness should be. If they considered me a rogue, I would prove them wrong. I was strong, fuck those old bastards.

The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 14

merida-devious-look-2I saw Va’lis and Cherry leave the booth. I got up and took Cherry’s chair and sat beside my sister. I felt the emotions dully but I could still feel Va’lis’ emotions as I could Carrie’s. I listened to Maharet and smiled. I really do love that woman. I almost couldn’t wait to be the one on that stand. Rogue indeed, those old fuckers haven’t seen rogue yet in their lives. I knew Maharet could feel my amusement over the questioning they gave her. I looked beyond into the booth where Marius, Lestat and my husband sat. The look on Lestat’s face was the same amusement. I swear that man is something else.

I looked to Carrie and took her hand. In a soft whisper I asked, “Are you ready for this Carrie? You know I am here and I will always be.” She smiled weakly to me and nodded. I hoped they would call for me first. I would be strong for her. She needed to see that strength to get through it. I looked to see Khayman looking at me, I smiled to him. I simply adore the old man. I watched as they called Maharet off the stands and gripped carries hand. One of us were next…who would it be….the suspense was killing me.

The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 8

merida-devious-lookI watched as my sire dived in front of Marius. I was shocked that at one time we fought about fighting in this war with the Dracos…and now… he gives a shit? I laughed. I laughed hysterically and so hard. I watched as Danielle tried to stop Altais from rescuing Zeeke, it was GREAT! Their family was torn apart by this! And ours stood strong in the face of disaster. I clung to Carries arm. Making sure she knew I was there to protect her. One attempt at her life and I would blow them to hell.

I watched them haul Zeeke away, the anger in David’s eyes. The sadness and anger in Altais and Blasphemy. The humor in Guy, Frank and Danielle’s eyes. I would use this to my advantage somehow. If we couldn’t kill them, I’d so work to kill their spirit, just as they nearly killed mine and my sisters. I couldn’t wait for this…..

Romanus or Razele

merida-portrait3It’s always something that has been in question, my sanity. For years I fought an inner war created in my own mind. I fought for the approval of the man I eternally loved and would die for. On a whim I would murder for him. I would pick up tasks impossible for one my age to do alone. Now as I sit back and look at my life now…what a foolish little girl I was. I watched my children and my husband playing near the gate to earth. I watched Marius and Pandora huddled together in an act of pure love. I watched Cherry and my dear sire sister Carrie. This is my family. My heart was theirs..I would fight to the end for them…but there was a nagging bug in the back of my mind I could not be rid of.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 6

Merida4~~~*** As Merida ***~~~

I heard Maharet voice, I was relieved. I got up at her command and fell into the arms of a man I’ve never met, but somehow knew…Khayman. I was safe now. But my worry for Carrie was there still, as was for Astoria, was she still alive? Was Armand going to her? My world dimmed as I felt Khayman lift me with flight gift and got me out of there. Maharet on his tail. Maharet fed me her blood and I felt my wounds being cleaned and tended to. I felt the love of something I’ve never felt before, parents? I was comforted and felt myself get stronger, my body anyway. I heard the gunshots and cries of those dying. I wept. I couldnt stop the tears and shaking.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 17

merida-portrait-redeyes“The magic..that we of the Razele line..and those before my sire called blood magic. You literally perform it with your own or a victims blood. I..I am still young…I was not taught very much of it…I can only tell you what I know..” I stared down at my hands, dirty and bloody. David studied me for a moment. “You lie.” I felt a sudden jolt and pain to my cheeK, dazed at the powerful hit. Danielle had struck me. “I..I swear.. I’m a hundred and thirty five. My sire taught me very litt-” with a yelp I was struck on my other cheek. I took deep breaths to calm the fire ready to burst from me. David sighed and held a hand to Danielle to stop. “Tell me what you know..share what this magic can do.” I sniffed and took a deep breath. “I perfected one spell..Acidic Touch is what it is called. I can simply focus my blood and make it pour from my fingers to burn someone…like acid…if we were on Sosaria….I could show you but…the..the magic doesn’t work here..” I wasn’t lying this time. He could see that.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 14

When that sadistic bitch showed me the video my fears were livened. So they could touch them they could get to them easily. My heart broke. I really had no choice. I broke. What was held together before with glue and tape.. shattered again. So much for progress. I felt strong manly hands lift me. I didn’t fight this time. I let him carry me through the halls. I could hear Carrie’s cries for them to let me go. I knew Astoria life was hanging by a thread. I saw Danielle skipping in front of me and the man that carried me..”Hurry up with her Kirk. David will be so pleased!” I looked up at the man named Kirk. I knew if I fought he would snap me right in half. I stayed still and silent.

He placed me in a chair at a table facing David and Zeeke. Danielle explained to David silently I knew..he smiled at me. I finally spoke. “I will share what I know…but I beg of you…let Carrie and Astoria go..leave my kids alone..” blood tears slid from my eyes and down my chest. I must have been a sight. The evil giggling of Zeeke at my distress made me hopeless. I awaited David’s answer..I had a plan..a broken…hopeless one..but what else could I do.