Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 5

maharet-wildMaharet is cool as cucumber. You really think she would allow anyone to kill her protego? Heck no. As soon as David hears that Merida is bonded to Maharet, it would send him into a mediocre panic. It’s his sire-sister, he knows just what she’s capable of just as much as Maharet knows that David craves power, by any means he gets it. She knows of his plans for human enslavement, and has never agreed with it. She also has backed the Romanus clan for many millennia; that’s not going to stop any time soon. She doesn’t get involved in the day to day issues and trusts Marius to run things, but this isn’t an ordinary issue. This is Merida.

To Maharet, she couldn’t care less about a newborn so Carrie isn’t a concern to her at all. For her, it’s all about her protego. She sees Merida as the carrier to her genetics and her Elementalist power. Like Cherry, who has the gene but dormant. Cherry has no interest in awaking it, but Merida came to her so eager to learn and improve. It played right into her ego. And while she admits that the Razele line may have some unique powers of its own, it is not a comparison to the Elementalist power. David is always been jealous of it because it is not replicable in any way; you either have the gene or you do not. Period. It is also why David fears the Twins so grievously. Maharet might be able to just walk in there, sit down and demand he release Merida and David will probably do it to avoid her and her sister’s wrath. But she would leave Carrie to rot. That is Va’lis’ problem, not hers.

Maharet would suggest that they let her deal with David directly. Her plan would be to go in there pretending to listen to terms and conditions of release, and then just simply demand he release Merida at once or suffer her wrath. He’d have 5 minutes to think about it. But Merida would beg her not to do it, that Carrie would die. Maharet would respond that that isn’t her problem. Va’lis should have thought of that before running his mouth off to her. That he’s damn lucky he didn’t get set on fire right where he stood that day. Merida would say how much of an idiot her sire is and that he loves to run his mouth, but that he’s not a reason to kill Carrie. She stares at David and all the sudden she says, “Okay I’ll do you a favor, you have 24 hours to think it over.”

Meanwhile, David would order remove Merida from her holding cell. A little heart to heart talk wouldn’t hurt. But Merida would fight like hell because she would not want to leave her sister alone with that human in there. Carrie has been strong thus far, but it’s probably partly due to Merida being there. Carrie has surprised Merida with her ability to restrain the call of the thirst at such a young age. Carrie would scream for Merida as they take her away, breaking Merida’s heart. And boy would she make it hard for the 6-8 guards it would take to drag her away. They’d throw her in an cage on wheels, roll her out to David in the courtyard during the dusk hours. David would smile, “So we have a little problem?”

Carrie would eventually succumb to the thirst, draining this scared poor human completely dry. They’d leave the corpse in there with her. She will never be the same again.

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