Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 6

paris-frace-gun-cellarBack at the gun cellar, Marius and Armand go in on each other and a full screaming match ensues behind that now sealed door. Even Cherry has to stand in the middle and break it up a few times.  All the while, Va’lis sits in a corner thinking of his next move.  He really desired to get his magic working on Earth, to no avail but none the less.  The thought of it helped him calm down, regroup, and focus.  And when Va’lis is calm, he’s even more dangerous. Something Pandora’s taught him to do.  “Look at a problem from all angles,” she would say to him, “Focus on all the countermoves.”  How he appreciated her teachings in these moments. Va’lis had come to realize that a proper sire was an invaluable part of his life that had been missing for so long.  He missed the bond with Pandora; now more than ever.

Marius finally exits and Armand tried to rush the door only to be stopped in place.  As Marius closed the door, their eyes locked on each other, he mouthed, “I am sorry.” Armand slammed into the now once again sealed door, pounding on it with as much might as he can muster up.  But he knew it was pointless. The gun cellar was built to withstand the oldest of our kind. He knew it because he built it. Frustration set in for Armand and he slumped to the floor, tears rolling down his face. His thoughts on his wife and her sister.  He looked up to Va’lis’ eyes on him.  Va’lis stood there stoicly staring at Armand.  He whispered, “I would’ve done the same thing.”

~~~~ *** ~~~~

Merida sat in her cage sneering at David as he circled her.  She answered his question,  “Seems like we do, asshole. Your mother must have not held you enough as a little boy. Is that what it is, you got mommy issues don’t you?” She had no idea just how right she was. David just stared at her as he continued to circle her like an animal circling his prey waiting for the right moment to strike. “Funny you should bring up mothering, Merida,” he would say, “I hear you became a mother fairly recently. Am I correct?” Merida would smirk thinking her family by now has the kids safe. “Yes, why yes I did.”

David suddenly stops and we hear the clanks of Minolo pumps on the stone floor which brings a smile to his face. Danielle came prancing in holding a video camera handing it over to him. “Oh good, no real trouble I hope?” He says to Danielle. “Sand, David. I ruined a perfectly good pair of Gucci shoes to get this footage,” she tells him. “Sacrifices must be made,” he said. She rolled her eyes and walked off. Merida thought to herself, “I am really gonna kill that bitch one day.” David quickly reviewed the footage before he showed it to Merida.

~~~~ *** ~~~~

Zeeke wanted a shock effect. There was little else she cared for other than the kill. How it felt to extinguish life in her cold destructive fingers — she was a true predator. The humanity is her had all but dissipated and the only patience she has anymore if for David. She cared very little for the innocence of children, so when the thought of her kind raising mortal children was made evident by those pesky Romanus vampires, the disgust was hard to hide. What is their obsession with living as mortals do?!? Vampiress are far far superior.

She arrived in Venice and passing through the night she would return to Villa Franchesi, home of Baron Armand de Romanus. She could see the headlines now and it thrilled her! “BARON HOUSE SET A BLAZE, FAMILY PRESUMED DEAD!” She chuckled. Her coven was damned good at hiding their bloodlust among common mortal happenings.

When she arrived however the thrill went out of her as the children were removed from the house and no where in sight. Damn! Pandora!!! Must’ve been her doing. Zeeke was mad at herself for not coming sooner. She shook her head but then she noticed the pretty young house mistress handing out orders like she ran the place. Perhaps she would be useful.

She sneaks into the house and just watches. Learning that Helen is the children’s nanny and Astoria is head nanny and house master. Yes, a consolation prize indeed.

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