Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 7

maharetAs I returned to the Palisades, immediately Marius accosted me. “Were you able to negotiate the release of our kin?” I didn’t respond and continued my walk towards my quarters where I knew Khayman was awaiting my return and my orders. Marius followed me, “M’lady I urge upon you for some news,” he pressed. Once I opened the door to the chambers I gazed upon Khayman’s face. My sister still kept her distance from him so she had stood outside, but now followed Marius and I in.

Khayman spoke in our ancient Kemetian. I nodded and finally turned to Marius, “If Merida is not released by midnight this next evening, Khayman and I will walk in and retrieve her.”

Marius nodded in agreement, “what of Carrie?” “She is not our concern, Marius. She is not a Romanus nor is she tied to us in any way. I will not risk a war with our sire-brother if it does not directly affect our coven houses.” Marius eyes gleamed a bit. He seemed disappointed. “Marius, Merida is Armand’s wife and my protégé, there is a clear line of succession there and David knows this. This newborn is really a non-entity.”

Marius walked towards the window and crossed his arms. He could not believe what he was about to say but knew it must be said. “Maharet, the Razele line is as close to us as any. Not only because of Merida and Cherilyn but because Va’lis is my son. Just as Armand is. And perhaps to you that may not mean much as you concern yourself with DNA , but to Lydia and I… he belongs to us. We love him and we love what he loves. We’re his… parents.” I stood there confused by this notion. It was unfathomable to me to adopt children. That was so out of the scope of our predenatural being. I knew Marius and Pandora as well as Merida and Armand had adopted but I never understood why. Nor would I ever. We come from such opposite worlds. Had I become so decadent? So unwavering to the needs of our kind? Khayman too look confused. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one. But then she spoke to me in her familiar way.

Mekare often spoke without words, our telepathy was stronger than any bond could afford. She said, “This is their way. We do not have to understand it to accept it.” Just then Marius turned to walk out, “Just make sure Merida is out and safe. I will be going in to get Carrie my damn self.” He closed the door behind him and I stood in shock. He had never spoken to me in such a tone. Mekare’s voice rang in my head, “Love is a strong willed beast.” I should know that more than anyone as I fell in love with the man that was ordered to rape both me and my sister. Why was this love, Marius and Pandora’s love, so difficult for me to understand.

“They’re going to get themselves killed,” Khayman said. “I cannot allow that to happen,” I replied.

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