Guild Ranks and Character Bios


Please be advised of the new guild ranking structure.  This new structure is based on CHARACTER VAMPIRIC AGE, not mortal age.  Those members with the word Guardian attached to their age rank are part of the leadership circle.  The ranks are as follows:

Novus (Newborn; less than 10 years of age.)

Decemvirate (10 to 99 years of age.)

Centuriate (100  to 499 years of age.)

Eldrevitus (500 to 999 years of age.)

Archaeos (1000+ years of age.)

Primordium  (5000+ years of age.) — No member can be this age, this is reserved for Akasha and Enkil, the original founts.

These selections must be in accordance to your role playing ability.  If you choose to play a very old vampire, you would speak in Old English and be pretty good at RP’ing such an age.

It is important for all members to work on their character biographies and submit them to our forums.  This builds our guild history and allows for more accurate role play. It is also a good idea to copy those biographies onto in game books for our library.  Also a friend told me its a good idea to update your “in game” profiles (the areas where you can see your account age) with distinct characteristics about yourself such as:

Race: (of course Vampire, but we do have humans that work for us and even Lycan slaves)
Age: (your vampiric age)
Mortal Age:  (age you were when turned)
Masquerade: (% of the time you pretend to be human)
Well Fed: (give details of your appearance when you are well fed)
Under Fed: (give details of your appearance when you are under fed)

You can add anything else you feel would be important for others that are interacting with you while IN CHARACTER in game.

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