If It’s War They Want…

marius-fire-giftIt’s war they will get.

I do not think anyone will be prepared to see just how powerful I truly am.  After over 2000 years of this life, whatever life it may be, there is little I have not yet mastered. My favorite of which is my Fire Gift; the spontaneous internal combustion of any living, or undead, creature that has blood running through its veins. I plan to use it liberally. And just for the record… Pandora has this gift mastered as well.  The two of us together, finally together, are pretty damn near unstoppable.

These rogues… the Razele twins … kidnapped my wife — held her for months, torturing and starving her, killed my daughter, and attacked Merida.  Three things for which I will exact my vengeance upon them and those that aid them. However, in keeping to our laws… they are Va’lis’ progeny, thus only he will be allowed to destroy them. Restraint will be very very difficult.

I worry that Pandora will not be able to restrain herself… but I cannot allow her to break our coven laws; as leader.  But of all those present, I think the one most deserving of revenge is in fact my wife.  The retelling of what they did to her, in her own words, almost killed me. They bled her, making her weak enough to torture, raped her, lashed her, tied her to a bed of nails, enclosed her in a maiden of horror, and chained her up to drink her precious blood — blood that has the ancient powers of Akasha herself.  And on top of all that… they killed our daughter, Saralyn.  They wonder why she’s been so out of it… well… wouldn’t you? Va’lis should take pitty on my poor Pandora and let her toy with them before he destroys them.

It is Pandora’s blood that has made them THIS strong, for they are youngsters otherwise. They would be a flick of a flea if it wasn’t for how much blood they ingested from Pandora. I doubt the Fae know the monsters they are harboring, no doubt tricked by methods of illusion or even perhaps the Form Shift Gift. *chuckles*  Fae.  We’ve always been at odds. But none of our tiffs and ticks have ever been quite as fueled as this one. Poor poor Lord Oaks… he doesn’t know the bloodshed that will cover their sacred grounds at the hands of vampires. I endeavor to think that perhaps in some near future he will seek his own revenge for his fallen.

Cherry is reading her legions… bringing Dragula, her trusted dragon, with her.  Of course the Beast Legion will be there in full force — Harvey, Enzo, Kei, Brelynn — commanding the land’s greatest beasts to fight with us.  And I am proud to say my daughter has become very astute in her craft, taming dragons and taking a firm interest in her charity work at the Moonglow Zoo. She’s come into her own.  If only her sister could see her now.

Armand will surely keep Merida near him at all times and I expect Lestat would not let Louis get too far from him either.  But most of my family’s most formidable warriors will be there tonight. And we will not go home empty handed. No. Not today. The only thing that would make us retreat…

… the Ancients behind it all.

~ M

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