Ix Tab Encounters Cherry Spy

From the Children of Darkness, as reported by Lady Cherry Spy, Legion Commander:

With a *blink*, the Dread Lady Ix Tab appeared before Cherry Spy.

“Vampires?” she asked.

Cherry Spy replied, “Yes, we have recently awoken from a deep slumber, our leader hath urged all vampires to rise and stand with the mortal legions, for a new evil is rising.”

Ix Tab snickered.

“Mortals shall be in need of our ancient power to fight against it.”  Cherry was prideful in this fact.

“Are ye a follower of the virtues?” Ix Tab asked her.

“For the most part, our history does not involve mortal systems of honor.  However, we do have some repentful vampires that may on occasion hold on to their former ideals.  Most of us do have a lingering respect for our former mortal life.”

Ix Tab moves away from the Paladins that guard the doors to the main establishment in Luna. “Have ye prepared yourself for the uprising that is sure to come?”  Ix Tab asked Cherry.

Cherry then realized she was not talking to a mortal being. “I know not of what ye speak of.”

Ix Tab laughed.  “If ye doth not join the uprising, you will surely experience a death unlike any other.”

Cherry then laughed herself. “We are already dead for we are vampires.  It is obvious that you do not know the power of the Kindred, sire.”

Ix Tab snickered. “The power that I speak of is unmatched in this wretch of a land.”

“Surely, you do not think all mortals in this land are evil enough to be worthy of such a penance.” Cherry exclaimed.

Ix Tab’s voice rose. “None shall survive the uprising!”

Cherry took a step back.

“You will either join me, or perish… mortal or not!” Ix Tab shouted as she transformed before Cherry’s eyes. Something wicked and ugly was now standing before her.

Cherry began to use the dark gift of telepathy to summon those awoken in her coven.  Vampire Jordan Bake came to her side.  Lady Pandora, the coven leader remained in their city confidant that no unearthly power would thwart Cherry’s masterful command of the most dangerous beasts. None the less she prepared her coven members that were forming, retelling the events that had transpired in Luna.

Meanwhile, Ix Tab summoned her own minion… the Red Death.  Mortals, vampires, and the like all banded together as Cherry summoned her beasts to kill it; a clear demonstration of vampire and mortal fighting on the same side.  Dragula, one of Cherry’s most powerful beasts along with Jordan and the mortals, easily took down the evil creature, only to see it re-summoned.

The fight continued as Ix Tab warned all those that if they did not join the uprising, they would all certainly meet their deaths.  To this Cherry and Jordan rolled their eyes, but they did acknowledge this was unlike any power they (or mortals for that matter) had faced before.  A full blood hunt would be in order.

Ix Tab declared her final warnings and then vanished.

Cherry and Jordan made their way back to Vamp’s Lair, their kindred city.  As they told Pandora and the rest of the coven of the events that occurred in much greater detail, Pandora issued a blood hunt order.  Tonight the Children of Darkness thirst for demon blood!

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