Pirates, Vampires, and the Royal Guard

From the Children of Darkness, as reported by Lady Pandora:

The Unification of Sosaria for the Common Good began late on the eve of June 5th to defeat the menace known as Ix Tab and recover the crystal fragment that was now in her possession.  The dreaded lady had issued warnings a few nights before, as reported previously by Cherry Spy, and has plans to attack one of Sosaria’s prominent towns.  The leaders of the land were now converging upon our great capital, Britain.  Lord Kasaven would soon address us.

The room quickly filled.  Soon only standing room was available.  The pirates made their entrance, led by Hawkeye Pike, with an uncommon restraint and took their seats.  Rotep and Kodoz, elders of the Guardians, brought many of their fold prepared for the fight that would soon follow. CatLord and the RGB were also in full attendance.  We, the unwelcomed undead, stood front and center unafraid of the reactions our pale white skin and fierce eyes might get.

Before Lord Kasaven took the podium, I introduced myself.  “Greetings and good eve’.  I am Pandora, coven leader for the Children of Darkness, vampire.”  Many gasps were heard among the whispers that humans believe cannot be heard filled the room.   Some leaders were polite, even amiable.  The first sign of what is to come.

The existence of vampires has long been shunned by the mortals that inhabit Sosaria.  It is my endeavor for our kindred to come out amongst mortals, stand with them side by side and to learn a peaceful co-existence.  After all for ancients like us, it is imperative to be able to survive eternity, and that eternity is filled with mortals.  They must understand that our affliction is often not of our own doing.  Acceptance of this fact has been slow coming.

Nonetheless, we stood there waiting to be addressed by the great Lord Kasaven. Waiting to take to our swords and extinguish the life from this unearthly creature, Ix Tab.

Lord Kasaven entered the room, with as much fanfare as Lord Brittish may have had in his days.  Many handshakes and welcomes later, he turned to me and smiled.  “It is good that you are here, m’lady. Your coven’s ancient powers will prove to be of great contribution tonight.” I simply nodded in acknowledgement.   More whispers were heard.

As Kasaven took the podium, the room went silent.

“It is with great humility that I address thee tonight, sires.  A great evil is upon us that threatens our very existence. It’s of great importance that we all stand together tonight to fight against it.  As you all may have learned, a few nights ago Ix Tab swore to wreak havoc on our land after visiting many of our greatest cities.  Cherry Spy reported her encounter with the demon which ended in a promise to bring about death to those that oppose her.  And although Cherry Spy, as a vampire of great power, was able to fend her off with the assistance of her great beasts and the mortal soldiers that inhabit Luna, Ix Tab only demonstrated a sliver of the command that she has obtained through the crystal fragments she now possesses.”

Kasaven continued.

“It is our duty as inhabitants of Sosaria to retrieve this crystal and destroy Ix Tab.  To do so, not any one city or any one group can be successful.  Success will only come by the unification of our efforts.  It is why we have enlisted the assistance of those that we have shunned before.”

Kasaven nodded at me, and I nodded back.  The leaders of the other guilds in attendance took notice.

“It has been made aware to me that Ix Tab’s next target will unfortunately be Red Skull Bay, home of the United Pirates.”

Hawkeye’s eyes widened with shock as Kasaven continued.  No town was safe!

“We must defend our towns and our people, so I urge all of you to go to Red Skull Bay and help to reinforce the buildings there, batten down the hatches, and prepare for war.  Who will join the cause to destroy this evil wretch that has found its way to our land?”

The entire room let out a cry of war.  I was amazed to see the passion of the mortals around me, so where those that follow me.  The thunderous rally spread like wildfire.  Soon after, Kasaven opened a portal to Red Skull Bay and lords and elders in attendance called out to their troops to join them.

Once we arrived at Red Skull Bay, some of the younger members of my coven had to take shelter from the scorching sun.  The most aged of us are well more tolerant of it, provided we have our solvent on.  Our pale skin and fierce eyes did tend to shock some of the mortals that had arrived after Kasaven’s rally.

Kasaven proceeded to tell us of the Ghost Pirates that Ix Tab had summoned to join the uprising. They were to drift in by ghost ship from the south.  Hawkeye proceeded to launch his fleet to meet them head on, with a lookout in the crow’s nest of his main ship.  But his efforts came too late as the ghost ships surfaced as if out of nowhere from the depths of the sea, almost right at the dock of Red Skull Bay.

Hawkeye exclaimed, “Th’er here mate’s! Le’s shows ’em what we be made of! Send de’s Fil’ty bag’s o’ bone’s back ta Davy Jone’s!”

I turned to Hawkeye and said, “We can take the hardest blows to keep your soldiers from facing death as we have already faced it, yet here we stand.” 

“Aye, I have seen ye skin slash’d and yet ye skin be soft as silk with no scars ta show’s fer ye wound’s,” Hawkeye answered as he eye’d with question our pale flesh, “I believe it best dat ye should distract da larger beast’s.”

At once it seemed the ghost pirates had disembarked their fleets and the fighting had begun.  Hawkeye saw the ghost captain almost simultaneously as did Kodoz and Rotep. The three leaders immediately went after him.  I followed closely behind, making sure that any tough blows would land on me rather than the mortals.  All kindred followed my lead.

Ghost Pirate Captain Blackbeard Taken Down

The fighting continued, and the Ghost Captain proved to be a formidable opponent, even for a vampire such as myself.  While those of us vampires with the gift of flight were able to attack down onto the wretch, most of the mortals without magical powers were unable to reach him. But he made one critical error.  He stepped off his boat.  Once this occurred, all mortals — guardians, vampires, pirates, or otherwise — were able to attack.  His resolved weakened.

I commanded my coven members to pull back, gain as much power as they could muster and in one quick swoop, the vampires ended the dead captain’s reign over the Red Skull Bay’s dock.  But Ix Tab was not finished.

Surprised to see vampires among her foe, she thought it wise to summon yet another wave of demonic creatures and one final powerful wretch that she was sure to put an end to the war at the Bay.  But much to her surprise, the mortals with their many assists were able to rip apart anything she could throw at us.   The Royal Guard, led by Commander Garon, made it onto battle, after a treacherous march to Red Skull Bay filled with evil creatures that do not normally block the way, no doubt a result of Ix Tab’s power sensing the guards’ dispatch from Queen Dawn’s castle in Britain.

Ix Tab Escapes from the Hold of Mortals and Vampires
Ix Tab Escapes from the Hold of Mortals and Vampires

Overwhelmed, Ix Tab now backed herself into a corner.  Commander Garon demanded the return of the crystal fragment she had taken from Aegis some moons ago.  Defiant, the vampires and mortal magicians mustered up whatever last bit of power they had to hold the beast in place.  Too overcome, Ix Tab dropped the crystal fragment from her hands onto the floor.  In a quick assertion, most of the leaders that held her in place rushed towards the crystal to get it.  Unfortunately, this released the hold we collectively had on her.   Ix Tab managed to escape.

But no worries, as Lord Kasaven recovered the crystal and handed it to Commander Garon.  “This would be in much greater care behind the castle walls in Britain for I am certain the Queen would keep it safe.”

Commander Garon replied with a nod.  “Yes, m’lord. We shall guard it with our very lives.”

“Of that I am also certain, Commander.”  Kasaven grinned as he wiped the blood and sweat off his brow.  A great battle had come to an end and he knew every participating clan had given their all to fight it, even those that did not see eye to eye with him in other occasions.

Kasaven came to shake Rotep’s hand and that of the other leaders. “A magnificent show of courage for all thee, m’lords,” exclaimed Kasaven as he too nursed his own wounds. “And not a single life lost! An unbelievable feat no doubt aided by the presence of Lady Pandora and her followers.” He turned to me.  I reciprocated his acknowledgement with a simple nod.

I had taken the bigger blows of the night alongside my kin, often resulting in our fall, but alas vampires do have regenerative powers that mortals do not and no wound for us is ever “fatal”.  But all in attendance had fought a brave battle and besides the clean up, no other hardships were suffered. Red Skull Bay had been returned to the United Pirates practically unscathed.

“I am afraid m’lords,” Kasaven turned to me, “and m’lady, that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Ix Tab.  She is still in possession of the conversion crystal, so while weakened she is not without all power.”

“Yes, ‘tis unfortunate. But mayhaps our next encounter with her we will be able to finally put her to ground.”  Rotep said.

Hawkeye came up to where the lords and I stood, right at the docks.  “Ahoy Gents! Me Mates and I wish ta t’ank ye w’it some of our best ale n’ wenches! Let us be mate’s till we drink da sun below da sea!” Laughter broke out amongst the group.

As laughter ran from my mouth, I said to Hawkeye, “While the idea of ale might appeal to some of my kind, we’ve had our fill of it tonight.  Your gratitude suffices. Besides, sundown is when we take to the ground for the rest we have earned this day.” I rounded up my kin, and like the wind, we vanished.

A sudden cool chill went through the group as they realized just what I meant.  The “ale” for my kind is well… blood.  And yes we had drunk our fill that day, but not of their own reserves.  And the mortals welcomed this change; at least for this eve. Who would have ever thought it possible?

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