Love Drunk

tumblr_mpjzngdrmK1syqnvro1_500Just as I thought, Papa wasn’t very impressed with my costume for the ball, but having kept it secret from him until the last minute meant I was able to wear my new dress! I felt like a real princess when I arrived and got to kiss my frog prince. The way Zach stared at me as we danced was thrilling, and his touch was intoxicating. We kissed and I forgot everything else… I wanted more.

Eventually he led me away from the party, and to the largest ship I have ever seen. We boarded, and in no time we were sailing along the coast. It. Was. Breathtaking. The water was still and smooth as glass, reflecting the clear skies and making it seem as though we were sailing through the infinite stars… It was magical. Just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly love Zach more than I already do, he comes up with something that makes me fall for him all over again. 


I turned away from the magical view to say something, but found no need for words as we locked eyes, drew closer and kissed. From there, I stopped fighting the inevitable. We made love several times throughout the night and until the predawn light reached the far horizon. No words were spoken. None were necessary. A look, a touch… said more than any words ever could. I could have stayed with him there forever, but all too soon the spell was broken as we returned to the docks with the rising sun. Zach escorted me home, and we shared one final, lingering kiss before he departed, and I slipped into the house to find my bed. I knew that I’d be in deep trouble with Papa later for breaking curfew, but for the moment, I was still riding my euphoric high. Love drunk. I can’t wait until we can spend more time alone together again!

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