Can never catch a Break!

I knew it was risky, but I had obligations in Wind I could not bypass tonight. I donned my newly repaired armor and headed out to the Caverns I spent my entire life in. I quickly met with the Professors and made sure I had everything lined up accordingly. I knew I would not return until after the threat against my family had ended. I said my goodbyes, bid my students farewell and walked around for a while. I found the apartment I spent most of my childhood and vampire life in. the apartment that Va’lis and I had shared for so long. I smiled at the memories, because even though a lot of it was bad, there was always the good to remember.

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I remember as a girl I would find my way into his bed, and curl up in his arms because I was terrified of the monsters. I remembered my first birthday with him, how he spoiled me with beautiful dresses and gifts. New books to read and new spells to learn. Our first winter holiday, he took me just outside the caverns to play in the snow. I remembered getting a cold after that, he fed me soup and kept me warm by the fireplace. I remembered he read me stories of heroic knights and princesses, Sometimes even reading me spell books before he tucked me into bed, and kissed my head goodnight. Tears welled in my eyes at the sweet memories of father and daughter, what we used to be.

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But along with the sweet memories of course the old ones flooded back. Of the mistakes of my teenage years, the mistakes we both made. More tears flowed freely from my eyes. I sat in my old bed, and tried to focus on the good, that is when my eyes caught something in a far off corner. It shined in the soft torch light. I walked across the room and knelt down to the floor, it was a loose floor board, memories flooded back to me.

the locket

I quickly yanked it up and found a golden locket lay there. I remembered now, I remembered how I hid it as a child, for fear of someone taking it from me. I opened it up and read the words out loud to myself, “Watched over, Always”. Va’lis gave this to me when he adopted me, this was his first gift. I thought I had lost it forever.

Carefully I replaced the floor board and clung to that locket as if it were my entire life. It reminded me that no matter what bad happens, he Loves me. Va’lis loves me no matter what I do, no matter where I go to. I am his Daughter. Perhaps not from birth, but now linked by blood. Does he still think this way? Does he still love and adore me? I made it my mission to ask him, to show him I still had this. I tucked it securely into my armor , close to my heart, and left the caverns. But what happened next, I never thought would happen to me here, in my sanctuary.


I felt a cold pain across my cheek, and a metal cling connect to the side of the mountain. I was on full alert now. Panic entered my mind, but I had to stay calm. I wasn’t prepared for a fight against a full blown Vampire from the Draconians, they would kill me too easily. My eyes searched the area and soon I targeted her, by god she was beautiful, and luckily, a half breed No words were exchanged between us, I knew she was after me specifically. Khayman..Pandora..everyone was right, I am their main target just because I’m Va’lis eldest. Fuck me right!? She came at me with such speeds only a full vampire would have. Davids fucked up experiments. I swear if I saw him I’d burn his fucking face off.

I dodged blow to blow, countering as much as I could, but hand to hand combat was never my strong suit. She grabbed a Kryss and aimed to stab me right through the chest, at that moment Elementalism was my best friend, I turned to ash which pissed her off. I ignited myself to back her away from me. I sent volley after volley of fire at her. Fucking bitch dodged it somehow. I fucking HATE SNEAKS! Well if she wanted to play catch, bitch has no fucking idea. I had more in my arsenal then fire, now was the time to use what my father taught me. I dropped a knee to the ground and pressed my hand to the dirt. I uttered the dark words and up from the dirt arose skeletons. Their prime target was that half breed bitch. It gave me enough time to re-cooperate and throw spell after spell at her. I even did spells I hated, I summoned pixies, I hate pixies.

She was good, I had to give her that. In a moment of sheer stupidity I decided to do what I was told not to do. When she got close enough I grabbed her by the throat. I did take a stab to the side, but dammit it would be worth it. I focused on her eyes, and began to boil her alive. My anger fueled me to keep going, I didn’t stop, I could feel my own blood boiling but I persisted. Until the bitches head blew clean the fuck off. The entire side of the mountain was covered in her blood. I was covered. My mind was muddled but I remained focused. I growled and took her body and pinned it up against the mountain outside of wind, in her blood I wrote out, “Come and get me David. I DARE YOU”. I left Wind knowing it would be safe, I felt the locket by my heart, and my sanity held. Time to go home…boy will this be fun………….

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